Friday, January 12, 2007

Update on Uncle Dick

Well, after making it so far, with so many miracles...we have some very disappointing news today. Uncle Dick is holding his own and we were beginning to have hope, however the doctors have found some type of fungus growing in his body that is *untreatable*! I know life isn't fair, but man that is just not fair to make it through so much and then have that happen!!! I had my little fit of tears and then I prayed. I know God is big enough to heal an untreatable fungus if that is what is best. The doctors will be having a care conference with the family and an elder from Dick's church where they will present what they feel is best, taking him off life support (ventilator and dialysis). I will not give up hope, as the battle is not over, but it's not looking so good.


Wendy said...

Is that Valley Fever what he has? Coccidioides immitis

I hope he pulls through. (((HUGS)))

Susan said...

I am sorry to read this update. My prayers will also be with you all. Yes, indeed, God is BIGGER than any disease.

Lynette said...

I was sad to read this update. Prayers & more prayers are going for your beloved Uncle Dick