Monday, January 15, 2007


I love this Blue Faced Leicester, rainbow dyed roving that I purchased from Winderwood Farms (in my fiber links on the right) on eBay. He does an incredible job on his fibers and has different fibers. I just chose the Blue Faced Leicester because I had never spun it before and I heard many on the Aran list talking about its great properties. It is a good wool for a beginning spinner because it has some grab to it and does not fly out of your hand like Merino does for the inexperienced spinner. But it is still moderately soft. The one picture shows the end of the roving, which I had spread out to prepare for spinning.

This is what I was spinning at the Rock Day event and I finished it today. By the time I got to the end I was still having some breaks but not nearly as many. Also I think I will have less breaks when I am spinning continously from the roving. This I spun with each color separately, so I would pull off the red by handfuls, then the orange, then the yellow etc, so it was a lot of starts and stops. The reason I did this was I wanted to keep some kind of continuity for when I Navajo ply this. I will probably do that tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my rainbow! :o)

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Carissa said...

Your spinning looks really nice! I like the fibers from Winderwood Farm too, I used some of his BFL for Kimberly's FTP socks. The slight overtwist will most likely even out in the wash. Sometimes the yarn "sets" on the bobbin before you ply, and will return to it's normal state after washing.