Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Simply Resolute

My friend Denise gave us a simple resolution challenge...keep it simple and as few words as possible. I had to chuckle as I could envision someone feeling very "bah humbug" about it and just putting down "NO!", having a one word resolution! LOL I am going to keep it simple this year though...the better to be successful:




These three words can be expanded...I need to stop being busy and take time with my children, I need to stop ... fill in the blank. Look...I need to continually look to HIM first and observe the world around me instead of being a busy Martha who misses out on the treasures of life and I need to Listen...to what God is teaching me, to my husband, my children, my friends.

I did not write formal resolutions this year, which is unusual. This year I working on being healthy overall...some of that means losing weight, some of that means eating better and exercising. But it also means organizing, prioritizing, not sweating the small stuff etc. This year feels like a transition year...the end of some old and very old things and the beginning of some new things with the furtherance of some good things already in place! I actually am looking forward to 2007!


Anonymous said...

love this! I no longer make resolutions - except for knittng! ;)

Denise said...

I love it, Theresa! A fabulous, simple sentiment that keeps everything in proper order. Easy to remember too!