Thursday, January 04, 2007

Knitting From Stash and Current Acquisitions and Prayer Request

Well, I'm sure all of you knitters out there in blog land have read about Wendy's Stash Challenge. I have been thinking for a few months about doing this. My stash is much too large in proportion to the amount of space I have in our home! And my budget for stash acquisition is nearly $0! So...I want to use up some of my stash which will also eliminate some of my boxes before we move in another year. The link above is for Wendy's Stash Rules. Mine are a little different:

1. Before purchasing anything new, I must complete 2 UFOs and 3 projects from stash, before acquiring any new yarn or spinning fiber, for the entire year of 2007. If I run out of UFOs (insert laughter here), then it will be 5 projects from stash.

2. Exceptions include:
Fibers for gifting
Yarn needed to complete a current project/UFO
Yarn for a charity/ministry item (e.g. a specific prayer shawl)
Yarn needed to complete a specific needed item which I cannot do from stash (e.g. sweater coat for my child)
One item may be purchased if I am on a special trip and visit a non-local store
Needles and tools are allowed
Books and patterns are allowed, but not in excess!

This should not be too difficult, given the amount of yarn/fiber I have! I may even extend this to my sewing/quilting.

Yesterday I mentioned that I went to Rumpelstiltskin, a lys. Now, it is 2007 but I did purchase some yarn yesterday because it was a project I had planned for a couple months but had not found the appropriate yarns. I purchased some worsted weight baby alpaca (which seems more like sport weight to me!) in Navy Blue from Misti Alpaca to make my pair of fingerless gloves to go with my scarf and hat. I also picked up a set of Brittany size 8 dpns because I did not have any and I needed them for a recent project. Afterwards I went to Borders Books and Music and purchased a notebook with lovely blue thistle on the front and an elastic band to keep it shut. I want to document my projects this year and write notes. I have not been good at that in the past, but want to start that now. I also looked at knitting books there and was surprised that I actually liked Knit 2 Together. I had flipped through before and was turned off by things like hand knit pants (I've never seen any of those that looked good on anyone!). Recently my friend Debra mentioned that she is knitting a cute baby cape from there and so I decided to look through it more thoroughly. I found there were a few things that I would actually make and I liked the scarf with hood attached which they call a bonnet. I have a hard time at the ocean with wind getting in my ears and my neck getting cold. I may look dopey in this...but I think I will be warm. Basically you knit a scarf and then in the middle you pick up stitches and knit the hood. Instead of the bonnet/hood being tied with a chin strap/ribbon, it is "tied" by wrapping the scarf. So I may venture into that.

But, the next project will be a hat for someone else. On December 22nd we found out that my stepDad's brother, Uncle Dick was admitted to the hospital in Spokane, WA with Leukemia (AML). Apparently it is pretty aggressive and he was admitted straight from his doctor's office to the hospital. He has mostly tolerated his chemo so far but has had to have a few blood transfusions. Please pray for Dick! Also for his family. I knit shawls for several ladies with cancer but have never had a man to knit for through my ministry. I had thought about lapghans, but since it can be cold in Spokane for the winter and he will be bald after chemo, I will make him a hat. I have some Brown Sheep superwash in navy and I think I will use that because I don't know how well it will get taken care of as far as washing goes and it will also be soft.

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