Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Life Overflowing Exchange

On the Christian Artisans list we are having another fun exchange. It is called A Life Overflowing and is an exchange involving 'hot drinks', which includes, coffee, tea, hot chocolates etc. You should see the beautiful blog that my friend Carissa made for us. She made the button featured above as well!) We will exchange gifts but also encouragement and pray for each other. A fun aspect of this is that we all know each other on the list. It's kind of like family. Also we know our pal, it's not secret. I will be gifting to Judy and Linda will be gifting to me. I don't believe she has a blog though, otherwise I would share. The names were chosen from a hat, after prayer and I find it quite interesting that I am the mother of identical twin daughters, Linda who gifts to me is the mother of twins and Judy is a twin, but sadly her twin died as an infant. And in November Judy's niece gave birth to cute little boy/girl twins after years of infertility...what a blessing from above! :-)

Today I had a chance to get out a little bit and I had the funnest time at a little tea shop called Tea Cozy, that is located next to one of my local yarn stores, Rumpelstiltskin, picking out things for Judy! But I can't show them here or they won't be a surprise when she gets her package! I also went to Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Ops and found some things while I was getting my migraine herb (prescribed by my neurologist if you can believe that!) and that was fun too.

Tomorrow I will write about my knitting purchase and my stash reduction plans for the New Year. But, now I will add some tea links and answer my information for Linda:

Blue Moon Tea
Teas 2 Dine 4
High Tea Menus
Morning Coffee, Afternoon Tea and Chocolate Inbetween
Tea Lover's Room
Scrabble Queen's Tea Links
Sydney Reynolds China in Victoria, BC
Tea and Cakes and Things I Like (includes knitting)

1. IS YOUR FAVORITE COFFEE OR TEA? IF COFFEE, do you prefer: WHOLE BEAN OR GROUND? IF TEA: LOOSE OR BAG? Herbal teas only, no "black", "green" or "white" tea. I love peppermint, chamomile, raspberry and often use blends and those formulated for medicinal purposes. I use tea bags because I don't have a tea pot/strainer, but am open to using loose tea. I love hot chocolate and my favorite of that is Land O' Lakes mint chocolate, but I like others as well as long as there is NO coffee flavoring.

2. FULLY-LOADED OR DECAF? Herbal tea usually comes de-caf naturally.


4. HOW DO YOU DRINK YOUR COFFEE/TEA? I don't add anything to herbal teas. Sometimes I add marshmallows to my cocoa :-)

5. FAVORITE COFFEE/TEA EVER? In number one I mentioned my favorite cocoa. My favorite tea is herbal peppermint.

6. ARE YOU FUSSY ABOUT YOUR COFFEE/TEA OR WILL ANY OLD BEAN/BAG DO? I am not fussy about brand, just that it is herbal tea, not regular tea that has flavor added because I do not like the taste of actual tea.

7. FAVORITE TREATS TO HAVE WITH YOUR COFFEE/TEA? I love Scottish Shortbread, scones, toast and jam, dunking toast in cocoa or a toffee/caramel treat and Chocolate is never bad is it?! LOL

8. ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT YOUR COFFEE/TEA PREFERENCES? Can't think of anything that I haven't mentioned.

9. FAVORITE COLORS? Purples, burgandies, pinks, blues, any cool tone colors

10. ALLERGIES? Wintergreen (which is in some herbal teas), pork (which you never find in tea LOL), and I have asthma which is irritated by perfume and floral scents, angora.

11. YARN/FIBER YOU LOVE! WOOL, Alpaca, natural fibers except Angora which I'm allergic to.

12. YARN/FIBER YOU HATE? 100% acrylic

13. WHAT'S ON YOUR NEEDLES RIGHT NOW? A shawl, a Fair Isle sweater, handles for a felted bag and fingerless gloves! I am NOT a monogamous knitter! LOL

14. WHAT IS ON YOUR BOBBIN (SPINDLE) RIGHT NOW? Some hand dyed blue-faced leicester which I purchased from Winderwood Farms on eBay is on my Lendrum and on my spindle is some of Cary's Corriedale.

15. WHAT BOOK /CHAPTER IS YOUR BIBLE OPEN TO RIGHT NOW (and why, if you care to share) I am reading through the Old Testament and I just finished reading Esther out of order after seeing One Night With the King, but am now back to the book order and am reading in Judges. There are some parts in the OT which are more difficult than others to read, however, I get so much from reading it, learning so much about God's love and direction through the ages, that I actually look forward to reading the OT. Some sections like the census of the tribes etc, get a little dry, so I intersperse the Psalms and Proverbs in my reading.

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