Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fighting For Life

L to R (Dick, Kris, Jack with Grandma in front)
If you read this and pray, please pray for my Uncle Dick. He is on the left in the picture above and he is the one I made the navy spiral rib hat for a couple posts ago. On December 22nd he was put in hospital to treat aggressive Leukemia. Bone Marrow aspiration shows that the chemo was 98% effective in killing the Leukemia but he has since gotten a systemic infection and has been moved to ICU. Last night he wasn't given much chance to live through the night as his body was filled with toxins and his organs were shutting down. Basically it would take a miracle to live and praise God he did live through the night. This morning they put a line in his jugular to begin dialysis. They hope this will drain some of the toxins out of his body so that his other organs can begin doing their job. He is not out of the woods yet. We still hope for a miracle. We know that Uncle Dick is a survivor...he survived polio as a child when hundreds in his community did not! If he can recover from this infection, chemo will likely kick the rest of the Leukemia. Thank you for praying!

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