Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here is another shot from the wedding that I did earlier this month. I just thought the logo looked neat. I bet when they looked at their pictures they wondered why I took pics of the winery's glasses! LOL I'm a teetotaler by choice (Alcoholic genetics, felt it was only the wise thing to do!), but I wanted to have a label from this winery! :o) Took a picture instead. I thought some of my knitting and spinning friends might like this too. Posted by Picasa

WOW! Actual *Knitting* content! I have been busy. I have two shawls done and waiting to block and I am doing another Shetland Garden Faroese shawl from Sivia Harding, this time in sage Zephyr. If you would like to see the first one there is a photo in the archives for August 2005, probably around August 16. I've done about 81 rows of this. It's top down, but in Faroese shawls that means it gets bigger as it grows! So I am just getting to the point where the garden is getting bigger and it's taking longer and longer to do a row. Posted by Picasa

Here you can see the Victorian Ruby as it is supposed to be in the Winter 2004 Knitters magazine. I made mine narrower because it is really too wide for a fuzzy scarf on a large person. On the smallish model it looks almost like a stole. However, after I finished the lace part, which though difficult to see in my photo, is actually pretty, I started on the dropped stitch part. I'm just not certain that I want to use this Kidsilk Haze for a drop stitch scarft that I could make with any old yarn. This is my special birthday yarn and I want it to be an item I will continue to use. So, GASP here! I think I'm going to frog this! I know, I know, mohair and all. But I am thinking about starting another lace scarf, one with lace throughout. Possibly one of Jolene Treace's Elizabeth I scarves. I had to use some old plastic Boye needles...these were my Moms which she last used in an afghan in 1972! They have a nice pointm, narrowed with a scoop, like the Bryspun needles do. It worked much better for this yarn. The pattern calls for size 7 and my 7 Addi turbos were hopeless at being able to pick up the stitches. I don't really regret frogging it. I actually will probably start the other scarf with the other ball and wait to see if I actually need to frog or not. Why go through the struggle if it is not necessary! Posted by Picasa

Here is just a shot of the scarf...sorry for the stripey light through the blinds...I wanted to get daylight shots. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

I wish I had looked at the price on this and boughten it (but then I would not have had spending money at the yarn store!). This weaving was in the garden shop at the botanical gardens. Isn't it gorgeous! I would love to design my "creativity room" (knitting, sewing, spinning, scrapbooking etc) around this as a wall hanging! :o) Posted by Picasa

I turned 40 on vacation. I had hubby take a picture of me...even though I HATE what I look like...I thought it would be good for the kids. Since I am behind the camera all the time. So this is me at 40. Posted by Picasa

Me with D and A. Posted by Picasa

Mac Kerricher Beach...the following are all random ordered pics from our trip to the ocean. Posted by Picasa

The littlest peanut. Posted by Picasa

Chocolate Ice Cream! :o) Posted by Picasa

Hubby and J. Posted by Picasa

Flying the kite at Glass Beach. Posted by Picasa

Helping Daddy with the kite! Posted by Picasa

My daughter J reaching for kite tails! Posted by Picasa

View from the bluff at the botannical gardens where I went on my birthday. Posted by Picasa

More waves...I love the ocean! Posted by Picasa

The view from "The Cliff House", a cabin on the edge of the ocean in the botannical garden. This is where we had our picnic on my BD. Since it was my BD I took dibs on the best seat! :o) What an awesome view. Posted by Picasa

Roses Posted by Picasa

Heathers at the Mendocino Coast Botannical Gardens. Posted by Picasa

Rhododendron Posted by Picasa

Fuchsia Posted by Picasa

Fern Posted by Picasa

Penstemon Posted by Picasa

My girls...finally asleep! LOL This is in the motel room. They don't usually sleep together. This was quite the adventure! Posted by Picasa

My 40th BD sunset. Posted by Picasa