Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day! Just a "drive by blogging" before leaving to go to the ocean to celebrate my "Big 4-0" LOL This is a picture of my Daddy Dan (1945-2000). I was born on Father's Day, how could I not be a "Daddy's Girl"? We were estranged many years secondary to alcoholism, but the last 15 years of his life we were together and the last two were very special after he began to know our Heavenly Father through the gift of salvation from His Son Jesus Christ. About a month after he walked me down the aisle, we were told he had two weeks to live. Well, we Johnsons are pretty stubborn and he lived 18 more months, during which time we grew very close, talking on the phone every week and I got to visit 3 times. He was a man who made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he did everything big! And his love for me was HUGE and I never realized what a large hole would be left without him! I still miss him! Father's Day could not be mentioned without also mentioning four other people in my life. First, my only Grandfather, Grandpa Johnson (1925-1996) who stepped in and took me to Father-Daughter functions in his son's absence and fostered my interest in photography and genealogy. 2nd my wonderful Dad, my step father, Andrew Glick (1924-1984), who was the male presence I needed in my life during my adolescent years and who loved me in spite of my incredible struggles, who believed in my abilities and who inspired my interest in learning German and about German culture! 3rd, my stepfather, Jack, who is "always at my disposal" (inside joke!). And last but not least, my Mom, Ruth, who many times, in spite of her young age, took on the role of both Mother and Father, both before and after my parents' divorce, who wiped away the tears and did her best! I love you Mom! Happy Father's Day everyone...if you've got a special guy in your life...go appreciate him today! :o) Posted by Picasa

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