Sunday, June 04, 2006

This is what I sometimes do instead of knitting! :o) Let me tell you, I wish I had been home in the AC knitting! LOL It was in the mid nineties and I was running all up and down stairs in a Gold Rush era hotel (about 150 years old). And down the road to the park and back up the hill and back to the park again and back up the hill and up some more stairs! It was HOT! And at the end of the day I was tired but I did have a good time. I hope the bride and groom will like all the pictures. They were one of the easiest couples I have worked with, almost like being models and they directed me to a lot of nice shots. They were willing to try different things and that made it more creatively fun for me! I get so nervous before I shoot a wedding, every time. It's always nervewracking because you can't do picture retakes for someone's once in a lifetime event! This time I asked a lot of my family and my friends on the Christian Artisans list to be praying for me...and I felt like I went through the day buoyed by those prayers and the arms of God! Thank you for praying! Well, I better sign off and start working on the rest of these photos...I'm cleaning them up using Photoshop Elements and then will get some test printed at Costco before copying all to DVD and taking them to my friend who will deliver them next weekend. (It is her family) Posted by Picasa

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Paula said...

Hi! just a quick note to say Thank you so much for the wonderful package and beautiful letter!
I just love everything!!!
It was so worth the wait.
I feel blessed to know you.
P.S. I loooove your site! You are a very talented photographer and knitter. I will update soon when I am feeling better.