Thursday, June 22, 2006

For my birthday I received some money from my best friend Shelley to spend on myself! So, I went to two of my favorite yarn stores while on vacation. The first was the Mendocino Yarn Shop. ( Mendocino County has, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more artists per capita than any other county in the United is a wonderful place to window shop! BTW, did you know that Brittany Needles are made in Menocino County? Just a bit of trivia. Anyway, I like this shop. It is crammed full and it is a little "high end" but the people are really nice and not snobby like some high end shops are. I think they are a full Rowan stockist...this is where I came to get my Kidsilk Haze...see below! I was happy to find that they carried Vermont Fiber Designs patterns too. Keep reading and looking for photos of my birthday stash below. What a great way to turn 40!!! :o) It felt funny to be buying all this for projects for me. The majority of what I knit is for someone else. A sweater in my size takes a lot of yarn so doesn't happen often. But these are all small projects and I'm going to try and sneak them inbetween my other projects! I know I won't have self control to keep away from the kidsilk Haze! You'll probably be seeing in progress pics soon! :o) Posted by Picasa

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Wendy said...

I love this yarn shop!