Tuesday, October 25, 2005

20 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

Another one of those "blog things"...these remind me of the quizzes, questions and "cootie catchers" we used to do in grade school and junior high!

1. I speak German, though my vocabulary has grown smaller each year from lack of use.
2. I've had many penpals from around the world since girlhood and I even met my hubby on a Christian penpal list on AOL.
3. I like camping, hiking, beachcombing and being out doors.
4. I know more about my ancestors than I do about living extended family (and genealogy is a great, meaningful way to learn history).
5. I love to learn and would be very happy as a "professional university student".
6. When I can’t sleep I pray for my friends and family.
7. There can never be enough books. If there's an earthquake, we're in trouble! LOL.
8. I hated gardening as a child, but now it is soul soothing, satisfying and gratifying.
9. Outwardly I appear to be very social, but I am actually quite shy and enjoy spending time alone. In fact, I need alone time to recharge.
10. I enjoy writing and when I was in grade school I wrote a short story called, "Tracey Gets A Pony". Guess who "Tracey" was?!
11. Fall is my favorite season...crisp air, blue skies, brilliant leaves.
12. I love to travel and have a list of wanna see sites so long, I'll never make it all in this life!
13. I thrive on Bible study and it excites me to learn more and more about God!
14. In spite of my love of travel, I'm a homebody and would be happy with a little bit bigger home that had a yard to play and garden in. My hubby is a teacher and I love the long breaks when he is at home with us!
15. Photography excites me more than any of my hobbies...so many possibilities, so many things to see and capture...I love seeing all the variety God created in nature and I feel He often shares special little moments with me when I am behind the camera because He knows I appreciate it!
16. I secretly long for a lap top computer. (Guess the secret is out! LOL)
17. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I love to have a group of people gathered for it, especially family.
18. I played with dolls until 7th grade and can't wait until my twin daughters start playing with dolls, so that I can play again too!
19. I hope my children will grow up to be Godly, whole, individuals.
20. As a child I day dreamed that I lived in the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Little House on the Prairie and I have always been interested in crafts and skills of that era.

Monday, October 17, 2005

What's Next?!

Well, I'm plugging away on my Christmas list
and so these are going to be River Rapid socks
from the Sock Bug. I will have to post the link
later for this free pattern. This is the Kool-Aid
dyed wool from a couple weeks ago. It always
seems to show up yellowish in photos but it is really bright blue and turquoise and aqua with hints of cream. The aqua does tend to be on the yellow green side but not as bad as this photo looks. The yarn is KnitPicks Dye Your Own fingering weight and is really nice and soft. Too bad it's not washable, but it will make nice socks. I am going to be doing a few pairs of socks for Christmas. I sat down and made a list of all the knitting, sewing and quilting I need to get done for Christmas and it's a good thing I did or I will never get everything done on time. Right now I am trying to focus on getting done the ones that I know have to be mailed out and can finish local ones later. Well, Hubby just left for work. I better return to reality before the kids tear the house down. I will post a link for the socks later! Happy Monday everyone! :o)

Hurray! A Finished Object! A little late, but the recipient (remains nameless in order to protect the surprise) won't mind. The Kiri shawl pattern is found at www.alltangledup.com and I'm sure most of you knitters have seen this all over the Internet as it is quite popular. It is originally designed to be knit with Rowans KidSilk Haze which is a lovely yarn I can't afford right now! :o) This one is done with 1.25 balls of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in the color Autumn. It is frustrating that I am not really able to share the true color with you because it is beautiful and is just perfect for a leaf motif. It is mainly a deep rust color but has flecks of gold, orange and red in it, in a heathered fashion. I don't wear warm tones myself but this was so beautiful and just right for the recipient...who I will reveal after she has received this...hopefully she will send a picture too! Posted by Picasa

This shows some of the detail. Posted by Picasa

Here is the point of the Kiri. Posted by Picasa

Here is a somewhat closeup photo...again it doesn't show the true color which is really stunning! Posted by Picasa

Here is the final Kiri picture, it's almost ready to mail to its new home! Posted by Picasa

I Need...

Okay, another silly! Each time I put one of these on my blog I feel my Grandmother's perfectionism chastising me. But hey! You have to laugh a little along the way and let me tell you, after this week, anything for a laugh! I saw this one at Wendy Knits! and thought I would give it a try. BTW, if you ever have some time on your hands you should go look at the gallery of finished items on her website. She is a PROLIFIC knitter and has some very beautiful sweaters in styles I like, such as Alice Starmore, Arans, Fair Isle and Dale of Norway. Don't drool on your keyboard though! Anyway...

Just for grins, a little exercise that's been floating around blogland. Google "[your first name] needs" and post the ten best results:

10. Theresa needs to get used to the fact that she will remain the Ketchup Queen! (This one is for you Daddy!)

9. Theresa needs a nice warm hug. (Can always use more hugs!)

8. Theresa needs our prayer support. (Yes! Always!)

7. Theresa Needs to stop watching so many cartoons! (Yes! With 3 preschoolers...I see way too many cartoons! LOL)

6. Theresa needs a "time out"! (HA HA, instead of giving them!)

5. Theresa needs to be ALONE!

4. Theresa needs to get out of that house!

3. Theresa needs a makeover: Her clothes are threadbare

2. Hurry, Theresa needs her miracle! (What it will take for Theresa to get out of the house ALONE for something other than groceries or the dentist! And to be able to have a make over and new clothes!) and what I really need...

1. Theresa needs to post a new entry entitled, "I've lost some weight".

So, how do all the people on the web and Google know all these things about me?! LOL Here are some that didn't make the cut, but may or may not also be true about me...

Theresa needs to be loved by herself

Theresa just needs to stop whining

Theresa needs to step up to the plate and take charge

Theresa needs to get the boss’s approval for everything

Theresa needs money in order to maintain

Theresa needs her own album

Theresa, needs an open heart, an open mind, structure and a privileged
channel of communication - all of which are better served by not SHOUTING!

Theresa needs to sort herself out

Theresa needs you to administer her medications

Theresa Needs a Traveling Hat

At times like this, Theresa needs her father


Theresa needs to go home and cry to her mom

Okay...the end of silliness...for the morning anyway! :o)

Monday, October 10, 2005

I was tagged!

23rd post - 5th line
I was tagged by Amy - it's a different one...
The rules are:
1. Search your blog archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
Here it is: Knit Pick's Shadow in Vineyard
4. Post that sentence in your blog along with these instructions. "The color is Vineyard and it is a deep burgandy that is more on the purple side of burgandy than red." Wow...really deep! LOL This really reveals so much about me...like I like the colors of burgandy and purple, I can't afford yarn at the yarn store, so I get it at Knit Pick's and...hmm...maybe that I have a dull blog?!
5. Tag five people to do the same. Everyone I would tag has already done it!

Blogger Frustrations

UGH! I guess I should not complain when this service is free! However, it is very frustrating that I spend two days trying to post pictures, it shows on the dashboard that I have posted but I cannot view it and then today I finally discovered that my template for the whole blog had been erased! This is NOT something that I did! So now I have lost my links and will have to re-enter those. It makes me wonder how and why these things occur, but I guess I will have to put up with it until I learn enough about web publishing to buy my own space and do it myself!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I couldn't get accurate colors when I posted photos before...so when I went to my SIL's house yesterday I took pics outside. So the grape yarns look more like what they actually are and those pics follow. This is a picture of two of the opal self-striping yarns I got on eBay from a really nice gal in British Columbia. The one on the left is turquoise with navy and ivory/white and the one on the right is Rodeo Denim. I have to hold off on these since they are for myself. I'll have to be "good" which is always hard for me! LOL  Posted by Picasa

This is the first sock yarn I dyed with the grape Kool-Aid. It is basically all one color but is a little bit heathery looking. Posted by Picasa

This picture shows the shawl yarn closer to what the actual colors are. You can see that the variation is much more subtle than it looked in the other picture and much less red! Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 07, 2005

Purple Sea Monsters

Below is a photo of my latest Kool-Aid dyeing adventure. DS loves seeing me do this. When I take it out he always says, "That's cool mommy!" :o) I cannot get this to photo correctly. Maybe I will take it outside and try at my SILs house tomorrow when we go there for DS's 4th birthday party.

When I made these skeins (2 skeins of Knit Pick's Paint Your Own, laceweight merino), I put an envelope of black cherry in the bottom of the dye pot, then I put in 9 packages of grape and then sprinkled another package of black cherry last. It had the effect I wanted...multi-tonal without having a big variation that would make obvious pooling or detract from the pattern. This yarn is destined to become Fiddlestick's Creatures of the Reef shawl. I will have to be patient though and wait until after all my Christmas knitting to get done first!

I am working on the 15th set of repeats on the Kiri shawl and hope to have it done in this next week. It's slow going with all the "help" I've gotten lately from my little ones.

As I mentioned he is turning 4 next week. We are having a family party tomorrow and on his birthday we are going with our Bible study friend Laura to a pumpkin patch and for lunch. So there probably won't be much knitting for a few days! It has felt good to be creative again. And I am almost through with my sorting to give to the restash network! That will feel good too. Well, that's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Here is the latest in black cherry and grape, lace weight merino Paint Your Own from Knit Picks. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Eye Candy

Okay, finally something to look at besides blog quizzes etc! Yesterday I think all the stresses we have had lately were catching up to me and I decided to play a little while the kids were napping. So I took out my binder with spinning and dyeing information in it and looked at several different methods for dyeing with Kool-Aid. I used Knit Picks Color Your Own which is a fingering weight merino and very soft!

For the purple one I used the colod method. I soaked the skeing in cold water for half an hour and then put 1 cup white vinegar in the canning ketting, 6 packets of grape Kool-Aid and water and then put the wool in. I let it heat until whisps of steam came up and then I simmered it for half an hour. I did not stir the Kool-Aid because I wanted a bit more random coloring. The coloring difference is very subtle and it looks almost like a heathered yarn. The picture does NOT do it justice. These will most likely be socks for me.

The second skein I put in a pyrex dish with plastic wrap around it, although the plastic wrap did not stay around it so I don't know...I may not bother next time. Maybe I am doing the method wrong and using too much liquid. It said to use 2 oz vinegar and 6 oz water per packet of Kool-Aid. I used 4 packets so that was 4 cups of liquid in there for it to float around in. I used similar colors, 1 Great Bluedini (a turquoise color), 2 Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade (aqua) and 1 Berry Blue (bright blue). I wish I had used a little more blue and a little less green. But it is pretty bright and looks like the caribbean sea. It has a little bit of white here and there because I didn't squish the dye in, but in a way that just makes it look more like water...the foam on the waves. It is much brighter than the photo shows. This will either be socks or perhaps a scarf.

And the picture of roving is some that I bought on eBay and is hand dyed. In the picture on eBay it looked a little more rainbow-ish which is what I wanted, however my son is delighted with it. :o) So maybe this will be a project for him, though I'm not sure what since where we live we rarely have need of things like hats and mittens! :o) First I need to learn how to spin it. I listed my questions about it under the picture. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I changed my comment section so that you should be able to leave comments now without registering for blogspot.

All of us, except hubby have been sick with a cold and mine may be heading for a sinus infection. It has been real nasty and I'm exhausted from everyone being tired, sick and cranky! DS always has a total change of personality when he is sick. On top of everything else a tooth I had a crown on this summer has been bothering me and getting worse! UGH! So off to the dentist I go this afternoon. I did finish my other snowflake hat and need to sew up the top and take a picture. It was really gratifying because it was a stashbuster! :o) Now I need to finish the Autum Kiri. I think I need to make a list of everything I have been planning to make for gifts for Christmas so that I can prioritize them. Well, I'm off...in homeschooling DS we are learning ASL (sign language). I got some great DVDs on eBay for doing this. They are called Signing Time and there is a good vendor for them on eBay if anyone is interested. I bought Friday night and they arrived from IL here on Monday! That's service. Their price was lower than Amazon's if you bought in a bundle so I got the first three. The kids love them (for ages 0-5) and hubby and I enjoyed them too. Well, I said I was leaving right? LOL

This is the roving I got from eBay and named parrot. My son is enamored with it. He loves to touch everything. I think I will try to make something for him out of it. I need suggestions on how to prepare it for spinning...break into 4 long strips to spin or stretch out the one long one or into two strip or ? Posted by Picasa

This color is way off. In reality, this looks like a heathered grayish-dusky purple. I did not stir the Kool-Aid (6 packets of grape) because I wanted the color to be a solid but a little irregular. In person you can see that some areas are more blue purple and some more red purple, but it is very subtle and you have to be looking for it! Posted by Picasa

This is the skeing dyed with 1 Great Bluedini, 2 Ice Blue Raspberry and 1 Berry Blue Koolaids. Can't catch real colors with the camera. Sorry! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Get off the computer and clean house...

Can you tell I like to do anything but that! LOL I look at all these little silly things and have fun. I guess maybe it makes me feel like I am part of a larger community instead of just being isolated here in our little tin box! :o) I saw this one on Amy's blog. She mentioned that she too would like to know what the answers were. There were three "logic" questions to me. One question, all answers looked true?? And no, there was no "all of the above"! So I guess this person who has often been criticised for being a black and white thinker, doesn't know diddly about logic! LOL

Your IQ Is 125

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional