Monday, October 17, 2005

I Need...

Okay, another silly! Each time I put one of these on my blog I feel my Grandmother's perfectionism chastising me. But hey! You have to laugh a little along the way and let me tell you, after this week, anything for a laugh! I saw this one at Wendy Knits! and thought I would give it a try. BTW, if you ever have some time on your hands you should go look at the gallery of finished items on her website. She is a PROLIFIC knitter and has some very beautiful sweaters in styles I like, such as Alice Starmore, Arans, Fair Isle and Dale of Norway. Don't drool on your keyboard though! Anyway...

Just for grins, a little exercise that's been floating around blogland. Google "[your first name] needs" and post the ten best results:

10. Theresa needs to get used to the fact that she will remain the Ketchup Queen! (This one is for you Daddy!)

9. Theresa needs a nice warm hug. (Can always use more hugs!)

8. Theresa needs our prayer support. (Yes! Always!)

7. Theresa Needs to stop watching so many cartoons! (Yes! With 3 preschoolers...I see way too many cartoons! LOL)

6. Theresa needs a "time out"! (HA HA, instead of giving them!)

5. Theresa needs to be ALONE!

4. Theresa needs to get out of that house!

3. Theresa needs a makeover: Her clothes are threadbare

2. Hurry, Theresa needs her miracle! (What it will take for Theresa to get out of the house ALONE for something other than groceries or the dentist! And to be able to have a make over and new clothes!) and what I really need...

1. Theresa needs to post a new entry entitled, "I've lost some weight".

So, how do all the people on the web and Google know all these things about me?! LOL Here are some that didn't make the cut, but may or may not also be true about me...

Theresa needs to be loved by herself

Theresa just needs to stop whining

Theresa needs to step up to the plate and take charge

Theresa needs to get the boss’s approval for everything

Theresa needs money in order to maintain

Theresa needs her own album

Theresa, needs an open heart, an open mind, structure and a privileged
channel of communication - all of which are better served by not SHOUTING!

Theresa needs to sort herself out

Theresa needs you to administer her medications

Theresa Needs a Traveling Hat

At times like this, Theresa needs her father


Theresa needs to go home and cry to her mom

Okay...the end of silliness...for the morning anyway! :o)

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