Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here you can see the Victorian Ruby as it is supposed to be in the Winter 2004 Knitters magazine. I made mine narrower because it is really too wide for a fuzzy scarf on a large person. On the smallish model it looks almost like a stole. However, after I finished the lace part, which though difficult to see in my photo, is actually pretty, I started on the dropped stitch part. I'm just not certain that I want to use this Kidsilk Haze for a drop stitch scarft that I could make with any old yarn. This is my special birthday yarn and I want it to be an item I will continue to use. So, GASP here! I think I'm going to frog this! I know, I know, mohair and all. But I am thinking about starting another lace scarf, one with lace throughout. Possibly one of Jolene Treace's Elizabeth I scarves. I had to use some old plastic Boye needles...these were my Moms which she last used in an afghan in 1972! They have a nice pointm, narrowed with a scoop, like the Bryspun needles do. It worked much better for this yarn. The pattern calls for size 7 and my 7 Addi turbos were hopeless at being able to pick up the stitches. I don't really regret frogging it. I actually will probably start the other scarf with the other ball and wait to see if I actually need to frog or not. Why go through the struggle if it is not necessary! Posted by Picasa

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