Friday, June 02, 2006

Today would have been my Grandparents 76 wedding anniversary. This is them on the left...Alden George Hopkins and Holly Mabel Tisdale Hopkins. The other gal is Dorothy Pease, a teacher friend of Grandma's and Grandma's brother Clifton Tisdale. This is the same Grandma that I talked about the other day and showed a picture. She and I often celebrated our birthdays together in June and so as mine approaches I usually think about her more. She would have been 100 years old next Saturday. On June 2, 1930, she married her high school sweetheart whom she had met in church. Look at all her hair! It is pulled back, but short. Her hair was VERY nappy, tightly waved. Even at almost 96 she still had a lot of wave to her hair. She wore her hair long as a young girl and curled in finger curls by her mother. In high school in the 1920s she told me she got a "pineapple bob" and that her Daddy was heartbroken that she had cut her hair. We have pictures...they took a front and a back shot because of all the bulk of hair and nap to stuck out straight all around. I never asked her how she kept it under control so it didn't look like that all the time. I know in my lifetime she always collected rainwater and used that to brush her hair...maybe that was her secret! :o) Grandpa died in 1962. He was quite young. After that she burned her wedding dress and she never remarried. She didn't feel any need to find anyone besides her one true love, the man God had given her especially. She always remembered their anniversary. In fact my Mom and Jack have one of her Maternity Ferns. It was the one she planted on June 2, 1980 which would have been her 50th wedding anniversary. She took a baby off of her main fern and planted it in memory. Later that main fern died, but that anniversary fern still lives on at my Mom's house. Posted by Picasa

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Melissa said...

I know how your grandmother felt. Some people have one true love that could never be replaced. Thank God for such blessings.