Friday, June 02, 2006

Mommy Cat with Gray and White Kitten...This Momma cat is "feral" but she is pretty sweet and a good Mommy...too good of a Mommy in fact. This is the third batch of kittens she has had under our house. The neighbor (a guy who is turning into the crazy cat lady! LOL) says he is going to catch her to get her spayed. We said we would pay half...he still hasn't done it. I caught three of the kittens, a long haired tabby, a long haired calico and a tawny colored tabby and he is going to find homes for them. Momma still has three. I am a total cat lover, but I am really getting sick of the stray cats and the multiple litters of kittens and my poor cat being sick with flea bites everywhere and her hair coming out from the fleas and getting tape worms and us having to spend over a hundred dollars on medicine for our cat who stays inside all the time because it is the rule here!!! Still I couldn't resist trying to get some pictures of the kittens. My children delight in watching the kit-tens from the window. One day when we have our own house with a yard, I can't wait to get them two kittens that they can watch play and grow up together. That will be fun! It is one of my favorite memories of childhood. Posted by Picasa

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