Thursday, January 11, 2007

Miracles and Praises and More Prayers

Wow! What a week! Monday they said Uncle Dick probably wouldn't make it through the night. Tuesday they said he probably wouldn't make it. Wednesday night he had emergency surgery and they said he had a 10% chance to survive! He is alive today! Very sick and still a long ways from being out of the woods but he is alive!

With the surgery they took out part of his colon which they felt was the cause of the secondary infection, gave him a colostomy, 4 units of blood transfused in surgery and 3 more units in the night. He is on a ventilator and dialysis. In a few more days we are hoping that he will start making his own white blood cells again. He is still in the middle of a fight for his life, but at least now with so much of that infection gone, and not waiting to burst inside him, he has a fighting chance to make it. We are so thankful to God and we are continuing to pray for more miracles.

In the mean time my Mom is home alone with a foot of snow and below freezing temperatures. She is fairing well so far. Grandma also has been waiting alone, except for when Mom can get up there. But she has some nice caregivers who have been encouraging and comforting to her (she lives in assisted living).

I went crazy yesterday waiting, antsy all through the surgery. But I did finish another Fun Fur hat and have a third started. The second one is smaller and is multi colored with the turquoise from the big hat, for a trim.

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