Thursday, January 11, 2007

Let It Snow!

The first picture, my Mom just sent me, is obviously a gravestone. This is for my dear cousin Nancy, the one I made my first prayer shawl for (see August 2005 archives). The head stone says it all! The Psalm, 94:22 reads: "But the Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge." Yes! She did take refuge in Him in her long cancer battle. I thought that was a neat head stone.
My Mom took the snow pictures. I love when the snow is on the trees like this. It reminds me of when we were driving to West Yellowstone, Montana for Christmas, I think in 1982, maybe 1981. We were driving around Lake Couer d'Alene in northern Idaho and the trees were like that and all you could see was trees and snow. It was so dream like. It made me think of Lucy Pevensie in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia on my lifelong favorite list of books) when she goes through the wardrobe and soon she is no longer pushing through fir coats, but through branches of snow covered trees when she lands in the Land of Narnia. This was in the day before there were movies to influence your imagination. This is the way I saw it when I read the book!
The third picture is of their cars and house and the fourth, one of their birdhouses. I love looking from their front yard out over the fields, it's beautiful in any kind of weather! I would love to be sitting on their couch, knitting, looking out over this. But the reality of life is...I would be freezing my buns off outside with my kids playing, then I would be rubbing down wet, cold and whining kids who were hungry and then it would be time for them to go to bed and then I would be too exhausted to sleep! LOL That's the reality of life right now, but I can dream and live vicariously through the pictures. And actually I am looking forward to some day when the kids can play in the snow for the first time!


Lou said...

Wow, I had a similar thought when I saw those pictures. They look so beautiful and peaceful when I know full well that if that were the scene here things wouldn't be so peaceful. Lots of yelling and screaming, "Mom, where's my boots", "Where's my mittens!?" Once all three were bundled up and outside to play I would sit down to catch my breath only to hear a knock on the door. It would be my 5yo. "Mom, I want to come in. I'm cold. Would you help me get all this cold, wet, snowy stuff off? Can I have some hot chocolate?" It's exhausting but I already know it's going to be one of the things I'm going to miss when they grow up.

Paula said...

Wow, look at all that snow!
I just love snow!
We have only the treacherous, freezing Ice at the moment.
(That my 19 year old thinks he is experienced enough to drive in, oh how I believe God takes away a child’s intelligent reasoning abilities from 14 to 22, or they just flat out refuse to use them I don’t know wich.)
But the weatherman said there might be a chance of snow later.
I just hope so.
It is so very energizing.
I just love it when it finally does snow.
Like everything is made clean, freh and beautiful if only for a minute.
I just loved the story about your Son and discovering about age and the story of Abraham.
I remember when my Son was that little and asked sooooo many questions about life, I just loved it.
Kids have such wonderful interpretations of the complexities of life. It is all very simple to them at that age.
I remember when I was going through my worst trials in life was when my Son was little and his thoughts on life were always very amusing and always kept me grounded.
I think children are such blessings. Thank you for your posts I had such a great time remembering this morning.
I am keeping you and your family in my prayers today.