Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Joyous Crafters

This fall a group began at my church called Joyous Crafters. It is mainly a group of crocheters who are working on items to donate mostly through Project Linus but also through Downtown Ministries who helps abused and homeless women find jobs and homes and care for themselves and their families. This fall there was an amazing number of afghans crocheted, knitted and donated from our crafters and people in the church. I forget the number but it was 35 or more (our group is about ten people total). We meet every other Monday night and I am not crocheting any afghans because I am already involved in my prayer shawl ministry, however I have donated some yarn and a couple afghans given to us for the girls which were never used. I also will be donating a couple baby quilts later this year too...part of my push to finish the UFOs! :o)
This year we are focusing on Project Linus and we are specifically making some for the teens at a nursing home for mentally ill patients. Our leader works there. I probably don't have the politically correct name there, sorry! That's her holding up afghans in the photo above. We had show and tell this week so I brought in photos of my lace to share.
I met a really nice young woman who is an identical twin and we just started talking and I hope to get to know her better at the next time. We also had our wonderful head of women's ministries also came and that was fun to have her!

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Lynette said...

These photos would be great to give to Jenny Arnez for the church's website or to show at church on a Sunday.

The stacks of blankets remind me of an exhibit at the Idaho Museum of Art. Blankets of all kind stacked 10-12ft high. There was a whole room dedicated to a artist who use blankets as art.