Sunday, January 14, 2007

Four Finished Fun Fur Hats

It has been a mostly quiet day. While my family was at church, I watched a video from my favorite Bible teacher Kay Arthur to catch up to speed with my Thursday Bible study. We are started our 4th and final book on Romans. It is an inductive Bible study and is quite challenging as we dig into the Truth. I like the challenge and I have been doing these studies for about six years. We are a small group now, especially without Laura, there are just three of us left. This is the last year we can do it because the child care is set up for Moms who have kids in public school and D will be too old. Anyway, in the quiet of the house I was able to listen to a really good teaching that is the introduction to our new study. After everyone came home, the migraine is worse, but that is to be expected with all the little noisies around here! :o) I did get to watch a Kristi Yamaguchi sking special and that was good. They had Amy Grant singing and the skaters had their children involved in the program and that was really cute.

So, I finished up the 4th chemo hat for the Boston Children's Hospital, pediatric oncology ward. While my heart loved making the hats for the kids, I am definitely glad to be done with the fun fur! They should be on their way to Kate soon. I challenge any of you other knitters out there who like to do charity knitting, to contact her and send hats too. There are some people who are doing regular hats too. It's a good way to use up some of your stash.

Uncle Dick...I'm sending these off in your honor! I know you would approve. That's my son D, the tomato soup boy, modeling in the pictures. There is one turquoise hat, two rainbow pastel with turquoise trim and one bright multi-colored hat. The multi-colored hat was Cello, a Jo-Ann's brand yarn and the other hats were done with Fun Fur. They also had a running fringe yarn with them that I got in the dollar bin at Target.

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