Monday, January 15, 2007

Navajo Plying

Well, I just couldn't wait to ply the yarn tonight,
so I went ahead. I wanted to Navajo ply so that I could get a three ply, but still maintain some of the color integrity, to have the rainbow effect. The first section I plyed went quite well, this was from the last yarn I spun, when I was gaining more confidence and consistency. Other parts were difficult to ply and some areas were soft and broke and I had to tie. So it's not perfect yarn, but I am overall pleased with the experience because I learned a lot. It's like the old
addage that says that you learn more from your
mistakes than anything else. I think that holds
true in my spinning. Some of the yarn was
underspun and I think when I plyed I put too
much spin to compensate. You can see that it does have a quarter turn to it. I have not washed and hung it to set the twist yet. I'm hoping that will not be enough imbalance to effect knitting for a hat or scarf. I have just over 200 yards and I did not measure the wraps per inch, but I think it's a sport weight, with some areas bordering on DK. Now I'm excited to spin the next project! Do I really have to teach school and clean house and cook tomorrow?! :o) Yes, I guess I do, and certainly I need to get to sleep tonight!


Nancy said...

Beautiful yarn. I just love the colors! I hope you were able to get some rest :)

Melissa said...

It looks like you did a really nice job! It's addicting, isn't it? About having to do housework, cook, etc.... you need to get pregnant (lol) because then no one expects you to do anything except cook that baby, and you can get all kinds of knitting and spinning done ;o)

Amy said...

love, love, love the colors!!

Holly said...

Very pretty! I just over-dyed some Merino superwash that I was less than pleased with-got some interesting blues and purples. I'll be navajo-plying that just like you did yours :~)