Friday, January 05, 2007

First FO of 2007 and a Miracle

Well, this is not exactly what I thought I would be posting for my first finished object of 2007! I wish I was making it for another reason, but since Uncle Dick is going to have a cold, bald head after his chemo treatments, a warm hat was in order. The pattern I used was Spiral Rib Hat from Ann Norling and I used some Brown Sheep Super Wash in Navy, from my stash, which I have had since 1993! Hubby, who's drawing in the picture, likes it so much he wants me to use the left over yarn to make him one!

The best thing that happened tonight though, is that my son asked Jesus to live in his heart. He has had many questions since the death of my dear friend Laura. She is like a Grandma to him. He wants to know all about Heaven and he loves learning about God at Sunday School. He asked me more questions tonight about how we get to Heaven. I have not pushed him at all because everyone has to choose from their own heart. But he asked me if he could ask Jesus into his heart tonight. And so hubby and I prayed with him and then he called and told his Grandma on the phone. Right now he is talking with hubby in his bedroom and is full of questions. :-) I know he does not fully understand the way that hubby and I do, but he is a bright little boy and very serious and I believe he has been thinking about this a long time before he asked tonight. Laura's death has been difficult, but my son is one of the fruits of her life. If you are reading this and you want to know more about having Jesus in your heart, you can click on the red "ready?" button to the right. I know not all my readers are Christians and some of you may even strongly disagree, I'm asking you in good will to please be considerate if you wish to comment. Thank you!


Carissa said...

That is just wonderful about D! I'm rejoicing with you! The cap looks great too. I'll be praying for your uncle, and for D as he embarks on his life with Jesus!

Melissa said...

Congratulations to D!! My children loved the concept of having their names written down in the Lamb's Book of Life, so they sometimes will ask if friends or relatives have their name written down too. Maybe D will start doing that too ;o)

Lynette said...

I read the news on my blog & no I don't have your e-mail.
I am rejoicing with you! Tell D how happy I am for him.
I sure Laura is rejoicing in Heaven as well.

Lynette said...

(until I have your e-mail, wanted to pay you a compliment)

Theresa, enjoyed being in the class yesterday with you (and the others). A very dynamic group of people. I like that you dare to be different(not sure if that is the right word) in how you celebrate holidays in your home. Your comments have rested in my mind & has caused me to think about CNC easter egg hunt. Not that we would not have one, but maybe doing it on a Saturday, so not to take away from the joyous celebration "Christ is Risen"
Have a lovely day!

Paula said...

That is just so sweet!
What a fantastic child!

I really like that hat pattern.
Thanks for posting the pattern location!

I love catching up on your blog I always feel good when I read your posts and see your pictures.

By the way, I am tagging you for a '6 weird things about me' meme.
see my blog.…and you don't have to do it if you don't want or you can write '6 awesome things'!