Monday, January 15, 2007

My Cup Is Full...

...and I'm drinking from my saucer! My Mom gave me that quote and it fit right along with my Life Overflowing exchange (see sidebar button) that we are doing in our Christian Artisans group (also in side bar). For those who have not read this on my blog previously, we are having a hot beverage exchange and praying for our exchange partners. It's Coffee, Tea and/or Hot Chocolate.
This week Cary challenged us to post pictures of our favorite drinking vessels which we use for our hot drinks. I narrowed it down to three! :o) Why have one when you can have three?! LOL
The rose plate and saucer are Roy Kirkham China from England. It's the Jumbo Breakfast cup and saucer in the pattern Redoute' Roses. I just googled him to see what else is in that pattern...let's just say nothing I can afford! :o) I bought this in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada when we went to our Hopkins family reunion in 2004 on Vancouver Island. Hubby and I had a date day and I took him to Victoria to show him around some of my favorite places there as I used to go there with my Mom almost every year and have many happy memories there! it's a fantastic city. The touristy stuff is fun...and when you are done seeing all that and go back another time...there are many layers to the city and what you can do is nearly limitless. So I highly recommend it as a vacation spot. (And I would rarely recommend a city for a vacation!) Sadly I have never used this. It sits on my window sill above the sink and I look at it every day. It is so pretty! I am inspired by this exchange to start using it though. And as I have been eating healthier I have been drinking more herbal tea.
The brown/blue pottery is my soup cup and plate which I received Christmas 1974. It has been with me through thick and thin and I can't imagine not having it to drink tomato soup from!
The yellow mug with the poetry came from my friend Heidi. We started out as diet penpals through Teen magazine in 1974. I don't think either of us lost weight through our penpalship, but we sure grew close. She gave me this mug somewhere between 1984-1986 and I usually grab it first for tea or cocoa. Sadly over the last couple years our correspondence has been reduced to Christmas cards and this year I didn't hear from her. I did send to her and told her I would like to renew our friendship, so I hope 2007 will reconnect us!

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Nancy said...

Love the rose tea cup and saucer! A friend gave me some Empress Afternoon Tea, I think it was from Victoria, British Columbia. It's lovely stuff too. The stoneware cup reminds me of one of my oldest favorites :) almost like an old friend.