Monday, January 29, 2007

Spinning Carydale

Okay, if you are not a spinner, you probably didn't catch the title! Remember I wrote before that spinning Cary's wool is comfort wool? Well her wool is Corriedale and I've decided to call mine Carydale! Her link is at the right, Serenity Farms. I don't think she has anything at the moment and anyone praying out there, please pray for her family as her husband is going through a very serious medical crisis. His life is out of danger, but his way of life will probably change forever. Sorry to be cryptic but since I don't have permission to talk about it publicly, I don't want to write anything hurtful.

I just felt the need to spin today. I took the bobbin that I had spun previously and wound it off into a ball. That's the second picture. Then I made a 2-ply from the outer and inner end (or beginning and end). It was a little tricky and I think it would go better from a ball made on the thumb or nostepinne w hich would not have so much tension. I had a few breaks in here from under spinning and it is not very tightly spun. It has maybe an 1/8 of a turn twist to it. Overally it is much more consistent than my previous and is about 190 yards of fingering weight 2-ply. I think I am going to continue spinning this at this weight, but in the future I will fill two bobbins and then ply.

I have several skeins to wash and dry to set the twist but it has been so cold here at night (we have no insulation, literally) that I have been kind of holding off until it gets a little warmer. I will be interested to see how it is after washing. Now if I could only find more time!

This afternoon my neighbor M came over. She is deaf and mute. Very nice gal. She asked me to come over and see her new "toy". I do not know what the name of it is but it is through the phone and onto the tv, a video phone/camera. We talked to her friend with sign language. I am learning some sign language but I have a hard time because of my condition which causes my makes it hard for me sometimes to focus/concentrate my brain on quickly moving there is a disconnect from the eye to the brain in sorting it out. But I learned a few new signs and it was fun!

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Carissa said...

Your yarn is looking very nice! I have found that I more often have less twist than I think, and have started to add a little more than I think I need, and it is usually just right! I look forward to seeing more of your spinning!