Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well, once again, Blogger has not loaded my photos in the same order I did, but I will describe them and you can figure it out. The last two days we have organized the closet in our kids room which has been storage mainly and then as the girls started having more clothes that needed to hang, I put up a shower rod to use as a curtain rod since the bar had broken out of the closet. In addition to needing more space for the kids' clothes, we felt it would look better when we go to sell if there is some kind of "real" closet apparatus in the closet.

Friday we spent the day mostly sorting through storage while the kids watched Cars and Gideon, Tuba Warrior (their new Veggie Tales movie). It felt good to sort through, throw away, donate and reorganize the stuff. I tell you, Banker's Boxes are my friend! LOL They are uniform size, stack well and hold a lot. When all was said and done I had 26 Banker's Boxes in the closet in addition to the kids' clothes. The only two boxes that were in there before but aren't now, are my wedding gown which is in its archival storage box and the Nativity set which has a manger slightly larger than a Banker's Box. :-)

In between sorting I painted the inside of the closet with a can of "Oops!" paint which I got for a few bucks and it is a light green. We purchased an inexpensive ClosetMaid organizer and started putting it together only to find that one piece was missing. So, hubby went to Lowe's and exchanged it and we were going to try to keep going but realized that we needed Toggle Bolts so we waited until after hubby's men's Bible study today and when he got home we started again. It's not so difficult...just all the measuring. That took the longest. Once it was done, everything went quickly. I like the results and I am excited to paint the rest of their room on New Year's Day and get it rearranged. I got some more "oops!" paint in a creamy yellow for $3. Of course the existing paint needs priming to cover the years of play and Mr. D. coloring on the wall while in his crib when he was little! So it will still be some work and before we sell the place we will also put in some flooring. It has carpet that is in fairly good condition but the girls colored on it! I could have spit. I know from experience that it takes a petroleum product to get crayon out and I am not willing to fill their room up with something icky like that.

So, the first photo is D looking at the closet. He dressed himself this morning...shorts and long sleeves! The second photo is for my Mom so she can see my 2x2 (2 wide, 2 deep) stack of Banker's Boxes. I learned a lot of my organizing from my Mom and from her Mom, my Grandma Hopkins. Third is J and A inspecting the closet. A is pointing saying, "I want my pink dress!" The fourth picture is the pitiful "before" and the fifth is my smiling hubby...who puts up with my projects even though he is not a "process" person...he's always relieved when they are done! We always chuckle because I get these hair brained ideas and he thinks I'm nuts, but then when it is done he actually likes it and is glad we did it! During the middle phase he is usually "Eeyore" ("it'll never work")! LOL

Well, I even managed to knit a couple more rows on hubby's sweater today and after I finish ironing for church tomorrow, I think I'll sit down and watch tv with hubby and relax a bit.


KnitnMomofboys said...

WOW that is soo impressive!! I'm a bit jealous - I guess I'd better get busy.

What is Oops paint? Does it have some special quality?

Lynette said...

Theresa, looks wonderful. It does feel good to clean, sort & throw.
I took down Christmas decor. today & it felt good to start putting my house back in order. Hope to have it back together by Wed. when we bring our new dog home from the SPCA. We adopted a 3 year german shepherd mix, a small dog. BTW, Josie's name was in the running, but I got voted out.