Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Wonderful Hubby

...was at the library and walked by the new books shelf and found Big Girl Knits! Being the gem that he is, he brought it home for me! What a nice surprise. I would not wear most of the items in there. I am not 20 years old and even if I was, I would not wear my clothing so tight (even if I was a size 2...I find a lot of modern clothing designed too tight, too immodest and too unpratical). But there is a shawl in there from Sivia Harding that has an interesting design for plus sized women. It's basically a triangular shawl, but at the top neck there is a V notch. What this effectively does is bring more fabric forward in the shawl to the front of the body so that you are not left with just tiny points which come around your body and the shawl point down to your ankles! There are a couple sweater patterns I might want to try and some of the accessory patterns which are more size appropriate for those of us who are night size 0. There are also some measuring tips and fitting tips that look good. I have learned a lot of this when I was on the Ample Knitters List, sadly now defunct but many resources are still availabe at the aforementioned link and the pansy link on the side. Still, it is nice to start out with patterns that are close to fitting you instead of trying to make a size 10 into a 4x!

Now my head is whirling. There are many things I have been thinking about doing for the new year...several shawls, including many projects from Victorian Lace today, some sweaters for hubby and the kids, socks, gloves, hats and maybe some sweaters for me! I will probably get 25% of this done! LOL

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