Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pixie Perfect

This is Pixie, the sweet Sheltie girl we pet sat the last 24 hours. It was really fun, although living in a mobile home park without our own yard, we are glad we don't have a dog anymore because we can't just open the door and let her out to go do her job. When Pixie arrived on Christmas afternoon, our whole family went for a walk. I must have been quite a site for any of the neighbors looking out their windows as I let Pixie run me for a while. We had a nice walk all around the park and then we went to a common area by the pool which is enclosed with fence/gate to play and let Pixie off the leash. There was a basketball and hoop there so our little family had our own pick up game! LOL What a site to see! Pixie has strong herding instincts and would probably be happy out in a field with sheep (just like me!). Whenever a car came and parked outside the fence, she stood in watch between us and the car. She would also follow any of our kids who drifted a little too far. It's obvious that she is a woman's dog because she stayed right by me most of the time both inside and out. I would be looking for her saying "Where's Pixie?" and she would be so close to my feet that I just couldn't see her!

Our whole family enjoyed the time with Pixie except for Abbie. Well, I knew our Abbie kitty would not be happy, but that was the understatement of the millenium! Sounds came out of that cat that were literally "inhuman"! She was not afraid of Pixie but rushed at her to scare her away. Pixie was good and did not attack. (She is a very obedient and well behaved dog) The cat got so agitated that not only was her tail a bristle brush but she started drooling and then foam came out of her mouth! I had never seen her like that. We were honestly shocked because we had a dog when we got Abbie and Abbie loved her, but the dog has been gone since ds was an infant. Abbie seems to have quickly forgiven us, but she sure wasn't happy about the whole situation.

My friend Sonia came to pick up Pixie this afternoon while the kids were in their bedroom for "nap" (HA! If they only slept!) and so she was gone when they came out. A said, "I miss Pixie." A couple seconds later she said "And I miss Pixie's bed too!" She had been fascinated with Pixie's bed (in the picture) which was just the right size for a preschooler to curl up in!

I'm being good and picked up a UFO to work on, a color stranded project I'm making for DH. I will write more about it next week probably.

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Anonymous said...

I love Shelties! I friend of mine raises them and when I visit her several Shelties will come greet me and then in perfectly synchronized motions, nudge and herd me along from one room to another. LOL At dog shows I often camped near my friend and I enjoyed watching the movements of her dogs, again each turning or moving at the exact moment and manner of the others.