Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Girls' Choir Experience

I had been a bit nervous about this day and had asked my Christian Artisans friends and family to pray for me and the kids. Even though the girls are 3 3/4 years old they have always been a little behind developmentally and when it comes to social development J more so than A. Some of it is a premie thing and some of it is an identical twin thing. It is very difficult as a parent at times to know when to gently push them and when to let them be. They don't know they are "twins" as we don't talk about it and don't understand that concept. We treat them as individuals, however they definitely have that innate connection that other siblings do not and sometimes that leads to parents who are frustrated, exhausted, out of ideas for discipline and a whole list of other adjectives! They are VERY curious so it would not have surprised me if they got up and looked at the big Christmas tree on stage, talked loudly in their own conversation or went to check out the piano!

During the first service J did not want to have anything to do with it all. She got overwhelmed and had a melt down so DH got her and she refused to let him use his arms or move away from her, so for the benefit of the common good he continued to hold her and our video is mostly of the people listening and not the people singing! Oh Well! At least there was second service and a "Take Two"! LOL

My camera is just limping along so none of the pictures today are very good. But on the left in the top picture you can see A, sitting with one of her teachers. (We are so blessed with wonderful people working with the kids and an awesome children's director!) They sang one song, Away In A Manger, and they all did so well, it was precious!

J did decide to join in the second service. She didn't sing and she did lift up her dress for inspection, but without missing a beat, the choir director gently reached over and put her dress down and she stopped! She had to top it off with picking her nose, but she made it through it all without melting down!

In the second picture is A signing "baby" and she seemed to enjoy it. The third picture is the whole group again and J is on the left and A on the right, the only two in matching dresses so I am sure you can find them!

Phew! We survived our first childrens' performance! :-)

I should mention too that I have discussed a couple of the negative things here mainly because several who read my blog were praying about it. To the children, we encourage them and we are delighted that they have this opportunity! The choir director is a choir director in one of the local school districts and has done a very nice job with the kids. All three of our kids have loved music since in utero! Hopefully they will grow up praising the Lord!

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