Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Well, Blogger never puts the photos in the order that you load them, so I'm sorry that they are mixed up. I'm just getting ready to have a little nap, but wanted to post these. This morning the kids were too sick to be in Sunday School (contagious) but not sick enough to be confined, so we went to the Sacramento Zoo as is our tradition on Christmas admission! A Christmas gift to parents! :-) It was foggy and COLD! We had a grumpy J girl and a whiny D boy, but A managed to have fun anyway. She's the one that is usually high maintenance...go figure! LOL We rode the zoo train and looked at some of the animals and then we went to lunch at Perko's Restaurant and everyone was actually pretty good. We came home and opened presents. We do not focus on the gift thing for Christmas so we just had a few from Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Shelley. They have been so excited about it that we decided to let them get that out of the way and then it might be easier to have a family devotion time tonight, focusing on Jesus. Tomorrow we will open our Christmas stockings and by noon our Sheltie friend Pixie will be here for pet sitting. That could be interesting.

I hope you are all out doing something more fun than reading my blog! LOL Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate. I hope you are all enjoying wonderful family time.

Now, for the pictures...the flamingo picture is naturally from the zoo. The fabric picture is some fabric that my friend Shelley got me. It was the official Quilt Shop Hop fabric last June for western Washington. I don't know who designs it or I would give credit. It's wonderful with pictures from all over my homestate! Then there is A in her new hair do...this is so Grandma can see. Somehow this just fits A's personality to a T! The one of the three is L to R, J, A and D. Oh you don't know how hard it is to get one of the three of them together! This is like a masterpiece compared to most I have of all three. Naturally they will pose nice together AFTER the Christmas letters/pictures have all gone out! The last picture is a Camelia...Sacramento is supposed to be the "Camelia Capitol of the World" and they bloom everywhere but in my yard. I planted two bushes 7.5 years ago and that's all they are...bushes! They are the Charlie Brown Christmas tree equivalent of Camelia bushes! Sigh...

We received some difficult news yesterday. My Uncle Dick was diagnosed with aggressive Leukemia. He was admitted straight from his doctor's office to the hospital and is already doing chemotherapy treatments. If any of you out there pray, please pray that his Leukemia would be healed!

Merry Christmas!!


Jennifer said...

Hello Theresa. I am part of the yahoo group for Lendrum spinners and saw your intro. I live a little over an hour from you and am looking for a spinning class/teacher too. I also have young children, 4 and 2, and don't have much time during the day. It's nice to *meet* you!

Lynette said...

The flamingos are my favorites at the zoo. I love watching them just stand there & pose so gracefully.