Friday, December 01, 2006

Here is the completed Swallowtail shaw from Evelyn Clark blocking. I decided I better get it blocked since it is going to be given to the recipient tomorrow! LOL You always know that blocking will make it larger but I was sweating it a bit because pre-blocking this was just big enough for a head kerchief! It was amazing to see it grow while blocking. I'll post a photo some time in the next couple days of the finished shawl, off the towel. It was a fun knit! Posted by Picasa


Eve/Divine Fibers & Yarn said...

It's beautiful! That shawl is on my list of things to do, along with a dozen others... *G*

KnitnMomofboys said...

You've inspired me - I'm taking a Beginning Lace class Wednesday (Lord willing and the kids are well)!!

Just a question -- what is involved in blocking? Ok two questions - can you recommend a good lace book?

2007 has been declared "Year of Lace" for me! ;)