Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm Not Touching It!

This is my kitty Abbie, yesterday. I had blocked Edgar and after it was dry, I put it on my bed (yes, I am disappointing my Grandma, Martha Stewart and The Fly bed is unmade! LOL). Abbie lay right next to it with her nose about an inch away as if to say, "See, I'm not touching it!" :o)

Edgar was a really fun scarf to knit. I used Noro Silk Garden which was fun. I did the long version using two balls. It was neat to see the colors unfold. The pattern repeat is easy to memorize and I knit it at my Mom's this summer while out in the yard with the kids and frequent interruptions and it still went fast!

This one is for a gift, but I think I will probably make one again in the future for myself. It's not really a keep warm scarf, more of a "Look what I can do with this cool yarn and look stylin' scarf"! I'd say an advanced beginner could do this.

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