Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where My Toes Came From

Here are some more pictures from my vacation in Washington, mainly posting for my family to see. This is my Auntie Irma, who is the older sister of my Grandpa Johnson. By the end of this post, I will show you where my toes came from! :o)

During my growing up years, my family didn't spend a lot of time with Auntie Irma, but when my Grandpa died, we grew close. And today when I see her, I run for a big hug! She is the living reminder of the only Grandpa I ever knew. This year, Auntie Irma was in a new senior apartment complex that was really nice. Look at the twinkle in her eye - she's in her mid 80s and she still wears purple nail polish, lipstick and fashionable clothing and jewelry.

D, J and A are petting Heidi, Auntie Irma's Pomeranian (who has a "teddy bear" cut). Heidi was a little bit scared of the kids as you can see here. This was our 4th day in a different place and the kids were just giving out. They behaved so horribly that day, I was embarrassed! Fortunately, Auntie Irma has lots of great grandchildren and was very understanding. Her apartment was small, so we went out to lunch at her favorite Mexican restaurant and enjoyed a good time together.

Okay, you know my weight. You know my BMI. Why am I embarassed to show my toes? LOL Probably because California's dry air makes my skin, especially on my feet, dry and icky. My foot's in the brown sandals and Irma's is in the white.

Irma's Husband, Uncle Vern, died not long after my Grandpa. I came and spent a weekend with her at that time and while we were watching TV at night, I looked down and GASPED! I have peculiar toes - the 2nd and 3rd are like conjoined twins and they stick out past my big toe. Because they won't stay together, but spread out in a V, they cause me lots of issues in finding shoes wide enough for my toes! I always wondered where my feet came from, not seeing them elsewhere in my family, but there they were - the same toes at the end of Auntie Irma's feet! We're not sure if that is a Smith or a Johnson trait, but at least I know now, I didn't fall off the turnip truck! LOL

So, aren't you excited? You know where my toes came from! Since having children, I am increasingly interested in seeing how the genes display themselves. Do you look like someone in your family?

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