Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back To Business

Well, it was the first day back to school for Daddy (and early reports say that he survived! lol) with a new principal and a lot of new students. And, even though our school year begins July 1st, since we teach year round with breaks when we plan them, it was the first day back for Pathfinder Academy too!

No, we are not couch potatoes. My knee continues to be quite painful to walk with and aches when sitting in a normal position. In light of that, I planned our school activities so that some could be done with couch time and my leg elevated. It's a nice place for prayers and devotions and this picture shows them watching a phonics video. A, D and J. Even though this was planned mainly for my kindergartners, A and J, D was quite engrossed as well.

You can see that we are wearing shorts. Even though the heat has gone down 10*, it is still quite hot here since our park cut down the only tree we had, which gave us more shade and protection than we realized. According to the thermometer on our porch, it is now 108* and the sun has not fully hit it. Since we have no recourse because of the park laws here and also because it was on the neighbor's lot technically (though they didn't even tell him they were going to do it), I guess we are going to have to sizzle or look for some type of bamboo or other natural shade to hang from our awning.

Anyway, we continued school at our new table and the extra 12" in length and 6" in width really made a difference and kept some of the elbow room squabbling down to a bare minimum!

A couple chuckles I wanted to share-

While we were packing, my Mom enlisted the aid of D to pack up some of the girls toys. She picked up a purse and said, "Whose is this D?" D replies, "I don't know Grandma, there's two and they are 'di-entical' just like the girls!" LOL I suppose "identical" is a big word even if you think you are hot stuff, turning 7 in 5 weeks!

Today while playing with Indiana Jones Lego stuff on the computer, D says, "I couldn't play that one at Grandma's 'cause it has snakes. Grandma HATES snakes, just like Indy." And I have to say Grandma that "just like Indy" was spoken with the greatest of admiration, although saying that you "HATE" snakes is quite an understatement! :o)

Back to business as usual!

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