Monday, September 29, 2008

Stormy Weather

My friend The Virginia Queen Bee has been posting pictures of Sky Watch Friday for awhile now and been encouraging me to do so, since I obviously love to photograph God's Creation! :o) In the past I have also been drawn to the Saturday Sky posts, but have not joined that either. Right now the Friday would conflict with my Faith on Friday, but I still haven't ruled it out.

Anyway, today was HARD. There are just some days as moms where the battle seems to rage and all forces are aiming their attack at you! We all survived, but I am exhausted. I sent out a cry for prayer help to my friends on the Christian Artisans list and had a good cry on the phone with my Mom during her lunch break (thanks Mom!). When Hubby was taking out the trash he said, "Hey! There's a rainbow!" By the time I hobbled out it was gone, but I felt comforted knowing it was there. God has a pattern of putting rainbows in my life to remind me that just like He promised Noah that He would never again destroy the word by flood, He will NEVER give me more than I can bear. It feels pretty close at times. Boy howdy! But it is never too much!

Here is what it looks like when I stand in front of our trailer and face the neighbor catty corner to us. This is not photoshopped! Isn't it gorgeous. The air was warm and charged and alive with the storm passing through. Before I went in, slow, heavy raindrops began to fall. The kind that are huge and go plop! plop! No wonder I have had a sinus migraine. Now that it has rained a little this morning and this evening, it seems the pressure is breaking up.

As I was watching the storm roll in I thought of a poem/song, that I wrote when I was in high school. It's corny - the kind of sappy, romantic thing a petulant and moody teenager would write. It started out:

Stormy weather,

Tossed by the seas of life,

Only Jesus,

Can comfort in strife.

Corny! Yes, but so true! I need to "practice what I preach" and when I am overwhelmed I know that no matter what comfort I seek elsewhere, ultimately I need to go to the source. Isn't it nice how God encourages us through these gentle nudges? (Even when we sometimes deserve to be "zapped" by the storm!)

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