Monday, September 08, 2008

Iris and Herringbone

My Mom and Jack frequently take beautiful sunrise pictures. So I told them to wake me up one morning if there was a good one. So, knock, knock, knock. Mom rapped on the door, I grabbed my camera and pried my eyes open to be greeted by a spectacular sunrise!

I did not adjust this, this is a straight out of camera shot. The original is not blurry, it's because I save these low resolution for the blog.

One of the many bird houses and the Cascade foothills in the background.

When I came in the house, I noticed the light on my Mom's depression glass.

This pattern is called Iris and Herringbone.

This shows about 1/3 of my Mom's collection.

It all began with these - a set of six water glasses that belonged to my Mom's Grandma Tisdale. If you saw the post with pictures of my Grandma's house, that was Grandma Tisdale (Winnifred Lucy Kirkland Tisdale) on the porch with my Mom on her lap. She probably bought her glasses at Woolworth's or some other such place. Maybe they were a gift. We don't know. My Mom had them for years before we really paid much attention to them. One of these glasses was used for our communion cup during our wedding covenant.

Over the last twenty years, the collection has grown piece by piece. There are many serving bowls, dessert bowls, various glasses and even a candelabra set that I bought my Mom on Orcas Island. We used the candelabra for our communion table during our wedding as well.

I had meant to go back and take more pictures when the lighting was better and my eyes were open and my brain was coherent, but it never happened. Still I am happy to have gotten these photographs to remember special treasures.

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