Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Good Morning Everyone! First of all, THANK YOU for everyone who has given comments, ideas and encouragements! I'm slowly working on a system to be able to reply to all the comments I receive, but it is hard to keep up. So, if you do not receive a reply, please do not think that I do not care. I do!

Last Wednesday I made the mistake of writing to you as I was still absorbing the not so fun news from the orthopedic surgeon. This Wednesday, I have a better perspective. Sunday I made it to church and I went forward for prayer and anointing. Tuesday I made it to ladies Bible study on Abraham. Fellowship was a tremendous help!

Even though I wore the knee immobilizer, used the cane and did the minimum amount of walking possible, last night I could feel why I am NOT supposed to walk. Given how far I have gradually come over the last 5 weeks, I do not think it will take 3 months to be walking. Today I feel more hopeful and I am looking forward to seeing the physical therapist next Thursday to start planning a more active role in my recovery.

In the mean time, I am taking Susan's advice and working on organizing and doing the things I can do from a sitting position. This week I have gone through about 1200 emails from the last year just sitting in my hotmail inbox! That felt good. And Ruth at Sew Chic had a great post about planning ahead for sewing. I was excited to read this because it is one of the things that bothered me that I cannot do right now, especially since I purchased a lot of fabric on my trip and many new to me vintage sewing patterns that I want to try. If I plan out things now, then when I am able to sit in that position to sew and press, as well as cut out, I'll be ready!

In addition, schooling is going well in the sitting position. As many of you suggested, arm and upper body exercises can be done while sitting and I have incorporated that for our P.E. time. The girls love it.

Hubby is learning how to make bread, which is helpful since that does require a lot of standing. He made his first solo batch on Sunday and it turned out pretty good.

And just like sewing planning, I'm doing cooking planning. I have purchased several new cookbooks for healthy cooking and will be planning some new menus for the future when I am able to stand more in the kitchen.

Things are looking up. Praise God! Would you please pray for my Hubby, though? We are wearing him out. He already does so much for us and now even more. Next week he will start teaching another University of Phoenix class, which means Thursdays will be marathon days, not coming home until 11PM.

Thanks everyone for sticking by me and all your support. Next week I'll try to come up with something more interesting for Wellness Wednesday.

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