Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Welcome back everyone. I had hoped to have some pictures to go with the post, but I'm pooped! :o) It was dentist day. Over the last 2 weeks my weight has gone up and down between 309-312. This morning it was 311#. The variation is likely because of the swelling on my knee/leg. My jeans are baggy on me, so I guess that is a good sign. I really do not want to go backwards!

One thing I forgot to write is that the day that I injured my knee, I walked over 13,000 steps! I was so excited and thought about all my blog friends and how wonderful it was to make a goal of well over 10K, which I had only done once before. That's about 4.5 miles and I had hoped to challenge that number each day we were hiking, but as you know, that did not happen.

Still, I am encouraged about the strength I am gaining and looking forward to meeting with the physical therapist tomorrow to discuss how I can be a bit more active without impacting the knee. As you all suggested, I have been doing the upper body exercises and my kids love those - it's a great way to learn to count. We are up to 100 and my two kindergartners don't even know they are doing math! LOL

Yesterday I did something really fun. I made sourdough whole wheat English muffins. They turned out yummy! It's not difficult, though it has several stages over time. That was good for me because then I wasn't standing all the time. Hubby had some for dinner last night and will soon have a post up on my other blog. Several of you have been nudging me to get posting on My Journey To Wholeness and I do have a few things to post but have just been really absorbed with my children's school and getting better. It seems I have been on a plateau but now that I am not in continual pain, I'm getting the urge to get back full force working on my health. There are still many things I can do that do not require walking and standing!

So, now with the start of this new season and the change of the weather, are any of you doing things differently? Any new changes for you? How can we encourage each other to keep working on our wellness? I am open to ideas.

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