Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday. My weigh in this morning is 310#. That's not exactly where I wanted it to be but I am very happy it is not higher. It's exactly where I was when I left six weeks ago!

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I injured my knee 8/14. My foot slid in a tide pool area, going down about 12-18", which I am assuming jammed my left knee. To be honest, I was so worried about losing my camera, that I could not afford to replace, that I didn't observe exactly what happened with the knee. After the injury I had complications with taking high doses of ibuprofen, which caused my body to hold on 10# of fluid. While I was in Washington I didn't go to the ER because it would have meant probably $500 out of pocket that would have been reimbursed eventually, but $500 is $500! I have enough medical knowledge to know that it was unlikely that it was broken and they would tell me to RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) and see my regular doctor when I got home. That's exactly what I did, without the price tag!

Last Thursday I had the first appt I could get with my MD and spent about 2.5 hours there. The first half hour the doctor lectured me until I cried about why I didn't go to the ER and why I had gained 10#! He insinuated that I was sitting around eating while I couldn't move and that I needed to write down everything I ate. If I was not so angry at him and at myself for crying, I would have said something, but I was following the advice given by Thumper's Daddy ("If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."). If only more people would follow this advice! LOL (In my doctor's defense, he normally is a really nice guy. I think he was alarmed that I would have such a severe injury for two weeks and was concerned.)

So I was sent away after all that time with a diagnosis that my knee is "painful and swollen" (for this he went to medical school!) and that my course of action was RICE! There is a chance that it could be a strain, but it is more likely that I have a torn meniscus. Next Wednesday I will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation. And I am happy to report that 4 days after discontinuing the ibuprofen I lost 8# of fluid off my body and could breathe better.

But, enough of the whining... It just has been difficult not to be able to do what I want to do - walk, stand, sit in one position for any length of time, bend, get down on the floor or any low elevation etc. This severely impacts a lot of things, including fun things like sewing and blocking my knitting as well as not so fun things like cleaning house. And the increase of pain has influenced the level of depression I have felt in being back in a hot, stuffy, tin box! Re-entry has been really difficult this time!

So, now the course of action is trying to try to find "normal" when nothing feels normal. We are getting back to our normal way of eating and this fall I am looking forward to doing some more experimenting in the kitchen and I hope I get back to the point where I can exercise again! My body really misses it. When I go back to the orthopedic surgeon, I am going to ask about what I can do that won't hurt my knee. I may need to find a public swimming pool, though that would be difficult with the kids and Hubby's work schedule. If you feel called to, please pray for my left knee to heal!

On a VERY happy note, I left my Leslie Sansone Walk The Walk DVD with my Mom and she has done it several times! WAY TO GO MOM! Keep up the good work! I am really PROUD of YOU!

So, now I am wondering where all of you are at, after this long break of posting Wellness Wednesday? Are any of you gearing up to re-start as I am? Or are you transitioning what you do for the fall? Also, if you visit me frequently and don't see your name on my blog rolls or even if it's your first time, let me know so I can post it. If you look on the right hand side, I have added some things and removed others. I'm doing "fall housecleaning"! :o)

Have a good week!

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