Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday and I survived. Phew! What a day! I am happy to report I am down another pound. This is especially exciting since I was given the go ahead to start my exercising again and then was unable to start due to some other medical things going on and some increased pain. Today the PT Assistent gave me some different exercises to do and I go back next week to speak with the actual Physical Therapist. After that my Hubby and I will pray about the next step as far as whether or not to do surgery. As uncomfortable as the knee continues to be, it's the bursitis because of knee malfunction and lack of exercise that is actually the most painful! So, no exercising this week... but hopefully soon. I am so missing it!

After the appointment the kids and I went to a park nearby. It was nice to sit outside and not sweat or broil, though the sky still has the tannish smog cast to it, hanging over the city. We are expecting a rain storm coming in and I am actually excited and energized. Crazy I know, but I love the refreshing that comes.

So, nothing else new on the wellness front, BUT, I have to tell you that my Mom has continued to walk with the Leslie Sansone DVD and she has LOST 16 pounds!!!! Way to go Mom! I am so PROUD of you. She is new to blogging, why don't you go over and congratulate her! (I don't think her comments are set up to be able to answer, but I know she will appreciate the encouragement!)

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