Monday, October 13, 2008

More Birthday Scrapbook Pages

This was a fun page to do because it was just playing around with the photo and the art. I used the Enjoy The Journey kit from Mary Ann Wise at Designer Digitals.

When I saw this Crusader kit by Faith at Shabby Pickle, I had to have it! D is so into Indiana Jones Legos and when he saw these pages I made, he was very pleased. You can click to read the page.

I plan on making D his own page with just his pictures and rope that he can frame and put by his bed. He really loved this and I had fun making it.

These are the left and right pages for D's birthday dinner when we went out to Red Robin. Everybody started getting sick on his birthday and it seemed to be hitting here. We had a few tears when D learned we were all going to take a much needed nap before opening presents after dinner, but the ice cream sundae helped! :o) He is highly motivated by sweets, much to Mama's chagrin since I am trying to get us eating healthier.

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