Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Hi Everyone. I don't know about you, but our household has been blogged down by September allergies. Pollen is racing around there with last ditch efforts to make a mark on the planet. It has not been a fun week or two and I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed and fighting off a migraine. At times like this, it can be difficult to keep motivated, so I have been working on doing some positive things.

Last Thursday I began physical therapy and have been exercising my knee and gradually testing the waters with more walking/standing. The scary thing is that after this, my knee hurts more. It's not the support muscles either, it's the nerves that get irritated by that torn meniscus. It's scary because I think this might mean surgery in the future. While it is safe and "easy" as far as surgeries go, I do not want to have any surgery unnecessarily. So, I will continue with physical therapy for now and see if this changes. Tomorrow I have physical therapy and I am so looking forward to massage and ultrasound of my thigh and hip because all of this has made my bursitis worse. (It's the same leg.) I am not giving up, but I am discouraged.

My weight is staying steady at 312#. I wish I could say it was going down, but with little exercise, how could it? I'll have to be careful though because this week I have done a lot of baking.

Monday I baked and made these. Last week I played with sourdough, which was fun and nummy. This summer I acquired quite a few new cookbooks geared towards healthy eating and so I am wanting to experiment with recipes.

After lamenting that I couldn't do the organizing I had planned on doing this fall in hopes of putting the trailer up for sale in the spring, Susan had challenged me to organize things that I could do sitting down. I took the challenge and have been traveling spot to spot with my comfortable folding camp chair, which is light enough for me to carry without hurting myself (since you use knees in carrying weight - which you don't likely know unless you hurt your knees!). So last week I organized my cookbooks, herbs and spices. Today I am cleaning a small shelf under the window in the living room that held knitting patterns I print off the net, magazines etc. I am putting all my cooking, health and outdoor magazines there as well as the stacks of magazines I have purchased in the last year. This is where I sit to knit or watch DVDs, so they are handy to pick up and sort through. Then I can put them where they belong, toss, donate etc. I am a magazine junky and need to work on this. I probably could save a minimum of $100 a year if I didn't buys so many impulsively and subscribed to a few that I buy repeatedly!

I know it might not sound like these things have anything to do with health, but they really do. It's hard to be happy and relaxed in a chaotic environment. My house is cluttered and I have CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome - I think this might come from FLYlady). This does not reflect my inner heart. And just like my body size and shape does not reflect my soul and my person, neither do my surroundings. Part of my journey to wholeness and wellness is to work on all these things. One of the ways I encourage myself in this process, is that I know when I do give up things, I am preparing to hopefully one day leave this little tin box we call home! :o)

Does anyone else do fall cleaning? I feel more incentive to do this in the fall than the spring. Maybe it's a way of fluffing up the nest in preparation for the winter!

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