Friday, October 17, 2008

Faith On Friday

This week I have had sick children, sick me, doctors appointments for me and physical therapy. I was unable to go to church or Bible study and by the end of this type of week... I am dragging! Yes, I'm dragging physically because it's just hard, but I'm also dragging spiritually. If I kept in contact with my Husband the way I sometimes do with God, then I would probably be divorced!

In my youthful days as a Christian, I believed all the teachings of "thou musteth getteth upeth at 4:30eth and readeth thineth Bible..." etc. Now if you do this, that's awesome. For many of us that is just not possible! That doesn't mean I think I don't need a daily devotional time - I do! But having a devotional time with God can happen in many different ways. How you do it today doesn't have to be the same way you did it yesterday or how your Pastor does it or how your friend does it. God created each of us uniquely and we each worship and share with Him in a unique relationship.

Some days the Holy Spirit may prompt you to pray - be obedient. Other times you are nudged to look up a specific topic and research it. Perhaps you just want to sit quietly and absorb one Psalm. At various times in my life when I became overwhelmed, I put a praise CD in, sat on the floor and rocked and sang my heart out until the tears fell, release came and His peace flowed over me. I was thinking about my previous post when J said she'd "snuggle" with Jesus. I think the above is an example of how I can snuggle with Him!

However you do it, take time out to be with your Father God, who loves you more than anyone on earth ever could, who understands, who listens, who cares, who works everything together for good and in His purpose. He does not "need" us - He is God, but He desires us! Do you hear Him calling?

This week we began establishing a spiritual rhythm in our school time. We always have prayer and devotion, but I wanted to put in something special to train them in the way they should go. Our 24 Family Ways is an awesome tool to use in helping your children develop, not only faith, but compassionate, respectful traits in interacting with other people and the world. The 24 family ways are separated into areas concerning authorities in our family, relationships in our family, possessions in our family, work in our family, attitudes in our family and choices in our family.

My children are 5.5 and 7 and occasionally one of the questions is difficult, but not hard when explained. I would say it would probably work preschool to high school. There are thought provoking questions each day which put the concept into the perspective of the child's life and world. There is a time to read the Bible and then there are 2 or 3 questions after reading with an application time where the child prays and asks God to help them attain the character traits discussed. This usually takes about 20 minutes unless the children are extra talkative! :o)

The first family way is "We love and obey our Lord, Jesus Christ, with wholehearted devotion." I will leave you with our memory verse:

Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' 38 This is the first and greatest commandment." Matthew 6:37-38

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