Monday, November 05, 2007

Worth Clicking and A Child's Heart

My Mom forwarded me some pictures via email that our cousin in Fairbanks sent her. As a photographer and creative artist, I want to respect Ross Fotheringham's creativity and copyright, so I checked it out. The email was unauthorized, but he gave permission for people to share with his name left on his photos and a link to his pictures ! Click on them to see them large, they are incredible and powerful images of Washington State Ferries taken on October 18th during a 50mph windstorm. You can read more about it at the Kitsap Sun site.
I have ridden all the ferries pictured. The photographer, who is from my birth place took these at the Mukilteo Ferry dock and lighthouse. It is a place near and dear to our family. My Grandma Hopkins lived there as a little girl while her father FW Tisdale taught school there and was Mukilteo School District Superintendent in the late teen years. I also lived several years in Mukilteo, graduated from high school there and have fond memories of doing college homework, walking my Samoyed dog Sasha, having long talks with Mom about how we would piece together our life after Andy died, BBQs with the Campus Crusade group, sunset and lighthouse photo shoots and late night discussions with friends on the beach next to the ferry docks. However, I have NEVER seen it look like that! Pretty amazing.
And I just had to share another pearl from the children. As much as they are driving me nuts lately, I can see the Lord working in their lives. Today as part of our Bible class we watched the DVD of Jesus, a children's version of the Jesus Film. I was surprised that they watched because it's a drama with live actors, but some of the actors are children and they tell the Gospel events from a child's perspective. It's really good. When A realized that Jesus was going to die, she began SOBBING hysterically and screaming, "NO! I don't want Him to die!" D and I tried to assure her that Jesus did die but that He rose again and is alive today. Nothing would calm her.
I debated turning it off as it might have been too much, but then decided to continue. I wish many adults could feel so empassioned by these historical, real life events that have eternal impact on our lives. I held A in my arms and let her cry. She was glad to see that He rose again. And maybe now she has taken another small step closer to understanding what her decision for Christ really meant.
Afterwards we took turns sharing how we felt about the movie and then we prayed. In her sweet little soprano voice, A prayed, "Father God, I don't want Jesus to die! Please don't make Jesus die! I love Jesus! Amen!"
It melted my heart.
I love you Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship you,
Oh my soul,
Take joy my King
In what You hear.
May it be a sweet,
Sweet sound,
In Your ear!
Thank you Jesus that you did die and rose again that we may draw near to the Father. I love you too!
More knitting soon. I have been having pain in my shoulder, neck, arms and wrists, so I am taking a break.

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Deborah said...

What a touching story about your daughter. It brought tears to my eyes reading it.