Saturday, November 24, 2007


Today I had a fun break from the usual. My friend Amy, who I met in quilting class about three years ago and introduced me to blogging and got me back to knitting, came to town. And she brought her friends with her, so I met some really nice knitters! We met up at Babetta's Yarn and Gifts, which is my lys. They had already been shopping and had lunch before I met up with them. It was so good to see Amy in person again!

This is Amy's Big Shrug. I was really impressed with the great job she did! After seeing hers, I think I want to make one. Sometimes hubby and I watch movies on the computer as we have a 22" monitor and my shoulders get cold while the rest of me is under covers. I also like to read a lot and I think it would be nice to snuggle in then too. So, I might have to get this pattern and knit it up too!

Here is Amy! She is showing the front. Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?!

Here are the gals that Amy came with. Everyone was so nice and warm and welcoming. I hope we get a chance to meet up again some time.

This is a little blurry because I cropped it out of a larger picture, but here I am with Amy.

After yarn shopping we went for coffee and treats in Fair Oaks, California which is known for its wandering chickens. It's quite common to hear roosters crowing and if you have a friend that collects roosters, you can find roosters on everything and anything while you are there! It was so nice to make new friends and meet with old...just like the Girl Scout song! :o) I don't have any local knitting friends so this really was a privilege today!


Melissa said...

Your new template looks great! You must have worked for quite a while copying all of your links ;o)

Amy said...

Thank you for getting a picture of my Shrug! I already stole it - I mean, borrowed it! ;) I just wish I felt more comfortable having my picture taken so that I could get a decent picture of me someday! Oh well! I love the laughing one!
Thank you for joining us today. And, please thank Tim!! It was so good to have a visit and I know without him it would not have happened!
I hope we can do it again - soon!

Lynette said...

What fun & lovely friends you have, chickens included!

Love your makeover!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Your whole blog looks so good, Theresa! And I loved this post about meeting with your friends...I love your friend Amy's shrug, too, it is beautiful ;) All of the smiles are pretty infectious as well!

Big hugs from your far away knitting buddy, Cary