Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wellness Wednesday #4

Wow! This has been a week of transition, growth, change and moving forward!

First my weight check in: 323#! I never thought I would be excited about that, but I am! I am down two pounds! No dieting, just eating only when hungry and mindful of what type of food is going into my body. And better than the weight loss... I was able to slip my wedding and engagement ring rings onto my left ring finger for the first time since I was pregnant with my oldest! My fingers still fluctuate too much to wear it full time (It's a fragile, vintage family set). But, I am hoping that I will be able to wear it full time by our 9th Wedding Anniversary in December.

I have been reading so much that my brain is full and spinning! :o) So I decided that some of the changes I had not made, such as going gluten free, I would hold off on until after the holidays. This will do two things: 1)I can eat moderately but guilt free several things I enjoy during the holidays without having to make two different versions (if my family doesn't want to try it gluten free). And 2) This allows me more time to research and experiment before it becomes a life change. This way if one of my "experiments" is really awful, I do have some back up options! LOL

Thank you to EVERYONE who comments or sent emails and even one phone call! :o) I so appreciate all your input. And it is very encouraging as well. Charlotte, who has a family member with Celiac Disease and Deborah who has a family member eating gluten free and Casein free, have really helped a lot. Some of their information was so good, I hope to share it here too.

Besides, losing two pounds this week, I ate two days gluten free. I have to say that I felt an underlying level of energy by the second day that I have not felt in awhile. As I stated before, I do struggle with chronic fatigue, so when a spark of energy starts up, it takes awhile before I recognize what that strange feeling is! LOL So, this idea definitely has great possibilities.

Deborah asked if I was going to add exercise to my plan and the answer is yes, as I can. My asthma is more stable right now than it has been in the last few years, so now would be a good time to start. But, I have been having insomnia and/or difficulty getting to sleep before 11 pm so have not been able to wake up early to exercise. Maybe if you feel led, you could pray about this for me. I have always enjoyed exercising, once I start and have been planning to do walking with Leslie Sansone. Maybe I should just make the kids do it with me... Homeschool PE! LOL

As I read more, I find more that I want to share. Sometimes it is more than I could put into a Wellness Wednesday post. Also, I do realize that some people do not want to know and read these things. So, I plan to continue doing Wellness Wednesday posts to check in here with my weight check and progress and occasional health/cooking/nutrition information. I will also continue blogging on a new blog: My Journey To Wholeness

I have already begun blogging there and have the start of some information links. I would love to have any of you join me over there and give me input when I write about things, because I learn a lot from you.

How are the rest of you doing on your journey? How do you plan on watching your intake/food quality over the holidays? Have you taken any unhealthy holiday food traditions and converted them? I think it would be great to hear what you have done or plan to do.

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Heather said...

Congratulations!!! 2# is awesome!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! YAY!

Oh and I have a date when I will be in town again (LOL) June 2007 thru July 2007.... so dont make plans to move out of the state yet LOL