Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wellness Wednesday #6

Hello Everyone! Did you all survive the holiday foods? I just planned to eat the things I loved but within moderation. I was moderately successful! :o) Have you ever noticed that some foods make you *feel* good when you eat them? I find that I cannot get the same feeling from Zucchini as I do from homemade cookies! lol I know some people crave veggies. What is their secret? Were they born that way? Was it learned? Are any of you veggie cravers? I do crave good fresh food after I have had too many chemical, processed foods. And I am finding that some store bought nummies, like candy bars, don't satisfy the way they used to and are holding less temptation because they taste like chemicals to me. However, the same type of things homemade - calls my name and tempts me. So, there is still a lot of work to be done in that department.

I did make some discoveries about myself though. Even though I ate goodies, I did not pig out on them. And one morning I had a couple of homemade pecan bar cookies for breakfast, but then was full and did not eat anything else until lunch. In the past I would have had those pecan bars and then I would have eaten something else. While it's not great progress to eat pecan bars for breakfast (Hey! Bill Cosby says chocolate cake is okay!), still it is progress from where I was in the past. I am sure that I am not the only person struggling in this area. These are all baby steps, but I figure that a baby step forward is better than standing still. And standing still is better than sliding backwards!

So, my weight check post Thanksgiving is... 321! Yeah!

Now to get below 320# I have gotten this far before and can't seem to push past it. I am determined now!

That's about it for today. I have been up sick most of the night barking/croup-like symptoms, so my brain is foggy. But if you would like to read my reviews of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle or hear about the amazing way I was able to get a Vita-Mix or just peek around, please visit my other blog, My Journey To Wholeness.


Melissa said...

Good for you, keep going'! ;o)

Lynette said...

Sorry to hear you are sick.

I be meaning to mention I watch on story on Sunday Morning about corn ( & corn syrup)& how it is the cause of obesity in children. I tried to find the story but have not yet. It was on Sunday Morning with Charles Gos...(something). It was a good segement.

Take care

Charlotte said...

OK, Confession: I am now a veggiecraver. No I was not born that way. It was learned, and related to being very stressed and realizing that veggies helped my stress levels so I recognized how they made my body feel. Not taste. Chemical. Tastewise, I prefer chocolate. But sugar does make me feel sick now, in quantity...but I allow myself small doses every day cuz it makes me happy. Esp. chocolate. And sugar-free hot chocolate gives me a happy feeling I think might be the cocoa itself. My motto is: don't deprive yourself, dose yourself (watch how much). It is like budgeting, even the little things add up, good and bad (a dose is very, very good!)