Sunday, November 04, 2007

What Did You Do With An Extra Hour?

Hopefully everyone remembered to turn their clocks back an hour last night so that you got to church on the right time. I don't set an alarm on Sundays and woke up naturally at 7:20AM DST. Much to hubby's chagrin, I poked him and woke him and suggested that we use our hour to get the first coat of Winnie The Pooh yellow (Disney paint) up on the kids' walls. Normally we keep our Sundays as a Sabbath, but our home improvement project had spilled over to today. One coat on before church and one after. The floor was completed on Friday and the bunk beds won't be here until next Friday, so we aren't completely done yet. While we are waiting I can hopefully get the curtains and valances finished and all the new bedding washed up and ready to go.

When we were unloading the room, we had to take out storage too and that is when I found my wedding dress. Sigh... Memories! It was the only day in my life I came even close to feeling beautiful. It is sealed in a box as I had it cleaned and preserved, but there is a window to view, so I took a peek. When I was newly engaged and looking for a gown I asked hubby if he had any opinions on a dress. His response was "Not too frou frou" and "not a lot of lace." Let me tell you, it's not easy to find a wedding dress without lace. That would be easier with today's styles but not in 1998! It was 100* in Seattle, normal for here, but not normal for there, the first time in my then 32 years that I had experienced triple digit heat in western Washington! I'll never forget the day and the fun I had with Mom and Shelley. When I put on "THE" dress, I just knew. Just like I "knew" about hubby, that he was the right one.

While I reminisced over my gown and thought about DST, I remembered Kimberly and Grandma Hopkins. I always remember Grandma when the time changes because she called non DST, "God's Time". She was always happy when we returned to God's Time. I remembered Kimberly because she is spending her extra hour with her hubby and family. Today, he is leaving for one year of deployment. Please pray for Kimberly and her five children and please pray for her husband as he literally enters "enemy territory" both physically and spiritually. Please pray also for my stepbrother Jack who is in Iraq and for all our men and women who are serving and separated from their families.

How did you spend your "extra" hour today?


Lynette said...

What a pretty dress! You must share pictures with us.

Heather said...

I watched Football ;)