Thursday, November 29, 2007

Secret Sister Surprise

I am late in getting this posted. A couple days before Thanksgiving, this arrived in the mail. Isn't it pretty? My Secret Sister on the Christian Artisans list spun it. She also made me some pretty pink and turquoise stitch markers. I have so many projects with stitch markers going on that it was the perfect timing. I really needed some more. I'm not sure what I am going to knit with this, but it is wool and mohair and all the colors I like.

I do still knit. Sometimes. Between being sick, doing homeschool and working on adjusting Hubby's thyroid meds and his work stresses, this fall just has not been a great knitting time for me. I still have a couple shawls to block, including two Swallowtail Shawls, one of which, I hope to wear Saturday to women's brunch with Sonia and Pam, my scrapbooking friends.


Carissa said...

What a pretty skein! Yarn in the mail is so much fun! :) I like the new header picture, all my favorite colors!

Melissa said...

My guess is that is from Eve. Am I right?

Melissa said...

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