Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Was Good For The Haircut People

A and Hubby
My "Baby Princess"
A and Hubby, side view
We were looking at A's hair and after she came home it was just a little too long...okay at the moment but would look like it needed cutting in a couple weeks. In reality we can't afford to do that for a couple months! So, I had hubby take her back in today and they did it for free (satisfaction guaranteed!).
I have to admit that I dreamed of little girls with beautiful, long, wavy hair. J looks very cute with hers long, but we got it cut to get the breaks cut out and to even it from her own cutting job! LOL We will probably let hers grow out longer again. They both have baby fine hair but A's is pretty thin and she has always had less. This is probably because the girls had Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome where the vessels of identical twins cross and one twin gives blood to the other. That's a simple explanation for a complex and sometimes deadly medical condition. As a result of A being the "donor twin", she was quite a bit smaller at birth and remains so.
What A lacks in size she has always made up for in feist! LOL She has always made her voice heard from the very first moments. And she has always been our little Diva. She is definitely a Daddy's Girl. The first two weeks she had to learn to nurse so I would nurse and then Daddy would supplement her with a finger on her palate so that she would learn to suck, but pumped milk would go through an IV line and into her mouth so that she would learn that the sucking brought food. She was so tiny and jaundiced and made her needs loudly known. She still does...
But, she is still my Baby Princess. I always cuddle her and ask, "Are you my Baby Princess?" She always answered "Yes!" emphatically until recently. Now she will occasionally say no. Today she said yes and then followed it by "I'm not a baby!" :o) I told her she was my baby (youngest by two minutes), our "caboose" and I sang "her" song...a little lullaby that I always sang to her when she cried. I would sing each of the girls their own song and they would stop mid-wail! They loved listening to their own song and this started when they were only three days old. Maybe they heard me singing in the womb. I guess everyone likes to have something special to remind them that they are loved!
Mom, what do you think? I think the girls now look like a cross between you and me! :o)

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