Saturday, June 30, 2007

Anne of Green Gables

I saw a quiz on how well you know Anne of Green Gables and I had to take it. 100%, but the code won't display right so I couldn't get it on here.

While working on my Mystery Stole 3 first clue, Hubby and I watched one of my favorites...Anne of Green Gables. I never grow tired of it and we each have our favorite spots where we blessed am I to have a hubby who will watch Anne with me! :o)

I really love the books and can't wait until I can read them with the kids.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a picture of my Clue One progress on the Stole to show you.

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Melissa said...

Martha will be reading through the AOGG series this year for literature. I need to look for a nice used copy of the movie so that she can watch it when she finishes the books.