Friday, June 01, 2007

77 Years Ago Today

On June 2, 1930 Miss Holly Tisdale married her high school sweetheart, Alden Hopkins. I posted their wedding photo last year so I thought I would post this now. It is circa 1935. Grandpa Hopkins is in the white shirt and Grandma is the woman to his right. That is my Aunt who was just here visiting...the baby in the pic. Also pictured are my Great Grandparents and my Grandma's siblings. For family members who might want to the back row it is Homer, Winnie and Fred, middle is Dorothy, Alden and Holly and that's Clifton to the left of baby G. Grandma has been gone 5.5 years and I still miss her. My Aunt is the only person in this picture still alive!


sherriknits said...

Thanks for sharing the picture. My grandma has been gone 24 years (I couldn't believe it when I just figured that out!) and I still miss her, yesterday was her birthday. What's great, though, is how they live on in your hearts in all they taught you.

IMO said...

Great picture of the old folk. By the way, are you related to Pat (or was it Patsy) Lindamood, who worked at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a while maybe 15 years ago?


Holly said...

What a great picture!

susan said...

Wow! What a cool photo, Theresa. Thanks for sharing a bit about your family. I don't have many family photos like that.

Sounds like you were blessed to have family membres as friends.